Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Man Who Fails To Plan, Plans 2 Fail

Lord I have been taught this principal as a child in order to succeed in life. Here I am currently with out a plan, a dream, or a manmade roadmap. Does this thought contradict itself, can a true seer of Christ’s plan out his/her entire life, their future?? I use to have a goal of making it big in 2008 I would move into that new house I built, make $75k, have cash saved up, travel abroad, have mate, & riding down easy street. Well since none of this has happened, I guess mans plan didn’t work out so grand for me this year.

Lately I look at my lack of motivation, lack of planning (except the fun in the sun type trips) & my lists of goals being very small in number. So I ask you Lord, to take the wheel & I’ll jumping into the backseat. I need to be revealed my direction for the remaining year of 2008 & what I’m supposed to accomplish in 2009.

Who do you want me meet?? Where am I supposed to donate my time?? When am I supposed to be fulfilled day in day out with the continuous flow of the Spirit? How do I prepare my offerings to your satisfaction? Who do I run with in the coming year that would prepare me to serve Christ’s the way I was destined to do? Where should I wait for my horse and buggy to carry me to my ordained city, state, countryside, or nation in order for the Glory of the Lord to be spread? How do I find my next designation railroad station?

Whom should I partner with in life to fulfill the teachings of the Master? What steps do I need to make you happy El Shaddai? I fear not the bumps in the road or the many curves throughout my journey since my plan and direction is the Lords. Who said that I couldn’t end up like a John Lake and travel to Africa, Asia, or the South American regions with only instincts & complete faith that my God would provide & protect my boat from the mighty winds and storms? Why do I need goals of a man that represent earthly success? Especially when my goals are not of this world but of Heavens!!

If man said only the foolish travel without plans does that make me crazy if my plan is only to follow Jesus. Should I really have faith in a map system in which manly hands made when my gifts, goals, plans, & direction doesn’t welcome anything that’s not from the throne room? AM I ready God?? Have I crucified my flesh in its entirety to hear your voice like a megaphone? Is there enough of your scriptures in my spirit to actually make a difference? Can my physical eyes become blinded so that my GPS is Gods Power Saves through my testimony & faithfulness to all things that are Pure & Holy?

Has my journey even begun or am I waiting for my time year after year for my turn to shine? Have I been a wondering ship lost on the open seas of life? As I look over the decks back towards the direction of my past life despite all my travels, have I really gone anywhere worthwhile? How do I shipwreck upon the rock of my salvation without direction from the H.S. Teach & train me oh great teacher to make room for a new captain in life.

Help plan, organize, dream, set goals, & accomplish everything I am destined so that I may conquer the enemy. I need to know which path to take: the one less traveled or option B the American rat race. I want to be certain I’m pleasing to your sight & my actions are a delight to your son’s ears. Show me the way Lord. I’m yours so do as you please & take me where I’m suppose to see God’s plan of action for more than just my life.

Master Composer

Teach me Lord the focus and concentration of a master music composer. How I long for their discipline in waiting for their key (your voice) waiting, waiting, then reaching to your act, and not theirs. Only adding to the mix of the group, what is best for everyone, not just themselves. Never rudely out perform their counter partners, but adding a delightful melody. A sound that is not only pleasant to the ears, but one that is on the frequency that you have destined. Never bouncing around like a yo-yo only striving for divine intervention.

Talk your Talk

Gossip me this
Gossip me that
It sounds like too much gossip for just one mouth

Truthful lips endures forever
But a lying tongue lasts only a minute
So then, the prudent keeps their mouth shut
Overlooking insults

Just as charcoal to embers & as wood to fire
So without wood fire goes out
Without gossip a quarrel dies down

Since a trustworthy person keeps a secret
Don’t betray a brother, stay true to your friend

The Power of Music & Prayer

Pray this, we pray that, we pray earlier in the break of dawn, & we pray late into the night for the break thrus to break on through. We pray till the bondage is broken, until the chains of sin in which has held us for hostage for so long don’t have dominion over us, the body of Christ. Glory to Jesus the lamb that was saved, joy to the Nations, let Jesus reign on the throne room. For your word states clearly the wolf & the lamb will worship to find refuge together. This is only possible thru the power of the cross, Revelation from Heaven, & Prophesy falling upon Gods 4-5 star generals to pass to the generations.

Music provides a beat to pray & allows us to tap into Gods heartbeat. Music & prayer energizes Heaven, it fulfills the earth, & magnifies people to seek Gods face. It’s a portal to feel Gods graced, mercy, Revelation of the past, present, & future. One cannot deny oneself when they participate in wholehearted worship & prayer. Music & prayer changes the atmosphere, it prepares the way. Preparing the way for angelic appearances, prepares for visions & dreams, & prepares the way for a clearer mind to feel & hear Him. For Gods work to be done as well as transform the person, church, group, organization.

It’s powerful, it’s contagious, it’s Holy& pure, it’s satisfies the soul. It soothes the mind, body, & heart to continue forward for God’s destiny & purpose. It washes us in the blood of the lamb, just like a blood transfusion. It’s the constant fire on the alter; the Lord clearly speaks of in His word. It rewires the watchmen/watchwomen on the wall to have the passion to continuing interceding for the strangers in the hall. It humbles us all, which helps bring us closer to the throne room. It prepares us for the day, tomorrow, & a lifetime of Holy pursuit. Don’t take my word, just try it and see.

Vibes from the Holy Vine

Just as vibe feels vibe so does the Holy Spirit stirs us all up when the same agenda is being searched out. The flow always senses others flow in tongues as well as prayer language. The same scenario applies for the sit downers, look-oners, stand Byers, which take comfort with each other’s long glances into nothing. Can one truly feel satisfied unless that individual has a close walk with the Lord? Can one truly move on in life when starring at someone who they possibly love & feel that maybe so maybe not vibe. Getting close to someone of the opposite sex is challenging when your face is on the Lords face. A face that w/out a doubt that’s shining on both of you starts sparking when looking at each other’s way. His light exits one body and smiles backwards towards the others body. Is this solitude lifestyle too cautious Lord or is it really just wanting the perfect will of Jesus & following Him w/out distractions? Just as the Lord has said to all repeatedly I have always been here and I am here with you now. It sometimes feels I have always been waiting for my opposite attraction.

What does it mean God when I act awkward around her/him, often times saving stupid things while jumping to wrong conclusions & those unnatural statements. Why am I so comfortable around all other girls/guys except this one chosen by God? It must be the worldly environments & the alcohol right. I could read and write till I’m blue in the face just to be by your side God & of course to catch a glimpse from her/his direction. I’m not the man she/he prays for this night but what about tomorrow, next week/month, or the long, long, long next year. Oh how my heart breaks as I exhale considering that might be true yet gently exhaling once more, knowing all 3 of us are here together for at least now. So as the song plays on let the river flow, let the H.S. come, let the river flow. Let the H.S. chills engulf my body & remind me of the ol so truths of mans knowledge. The truth still remains all we need in life God is you, so, so simple.

Amazing simply amazing the human will tests the flesh just as the mind seeks the Spirit for what really is right, wrong, 1 dimensional, or 3. Who can tell me, who will really know the truth, know the time, know the place, know the others heart beat, know when I could be trusted, know when is my time, know when does my-her/his destinies take place. Is it possible for one another to sense & feel the others soul, mind, heart, & passions. If so then how about their addictions, diseases, strongholds, & pains w/out even discussing them w/ each other? Only Yahweh really knows the truth & feels this vibe for the time being.

So Why Don’t You, Please Do It

So Why Don’t You, Please Do It

So why don’t you please don’t make me smoke alone. John please just smoke a little with me? Look I’m not looking for anything serious or long term rather just a little fun tonight. I know you love to fool around I can the see the spark in your eyes. It’s not a big deal if we have sex tonight as the song goes” And tomorrow go back to being friends.”

Hey man everybody wants to go out tonight, you know catch up on old times throw down like 1999, 2009, wine and dine, it’s the usual that’s on the menu tonight. “Come on you never go out anymore always dissing all your friends acting like your way better than us or something. One night hurt anything; stop getting your panties in a wad.

So as I walk the down town streets the shadow of death I fear no evil for even thou I’ve screwed up you will comfort me as you lead me down to cleaner refreshing waters I drink the cup of life, whatever shoot or cocktail you want to buy me. I use to think the idea of God was cool and liked the benefit package of going to Heaven but never cared for Jesus too much. I’m not rally sure why just didn’t. He never did anything to me or ever mistreated me. I simply didn’t think or talk about Him. I wanted the free pass to Heaven when I died (like everyone else in the world) However I never wanted to abide by all those rules acting and doing all the things like the churchy God bless you attitude people. No I wanted to do what I wanted, where I wanted, when I wanted, where I wanted and depending on how I felt & even how late into the night get into something more.

See when I started looking growing into manhood I started looking around & discovering the fun times bring pains, pissing all that money away wasn’t exactly fun anymore. Fights, diseases, car wrecks, prejudice arose, and the Billy Bad @$$ syndrome occurred inside my head & heart. As I turned towards God in a last effort to somehow get right & help my mother sleep a little easier @ night God welcomed my twisted, wild eyed, all- nighter, broken mess into His arms.

I was welcomed without a whip or a belt for all my sins but with love. God's ordained perfected timing of people & even places taking me in under their wings, exposing me to a new side of life. Lifestyles that where Holy in action mixed with a burning passion to change my hellion ways. Even afterwards I still continued to slip back and forth tossing and turning with my Angels and my Devils, God still took care of me like a loving Father. He started revealing Himself to me as I continued to draw near. It was mindblowing ways that I have only heard about from my mother. Telling me things called Revelations during hours of prayer sessions and now they where started occuring to me.

Gifting and talents started to arise inside of me things I didn’t even know I had or could do. He started showing me things regarding my future, other people’s future, & often times sharing with me what was on His heart at that moment in time. As I started recognizing this relationship forming He patiently waited on me to die to self, stop fighting,”the mentality of living for years on both sides of the fence” and just give into His plan. As I con’t to put my hand out and reach toward Him, He was doing the same stretching His hand out to grab mine. Once this new relationship blossomed into a true friendship, He wanted to open my eyes, heart, and even my feelings toward His only son, Jesus.

One can’t truly love God without loving Jesus and someone can’t live like she/he wants and without finally turning away from the old Habitual habits. It’s not right to love a father and mother and not son or even daughter especially when you begin to spend significant time with that someone. It almost becomes natural with long durations of time to start treating everyone equally in the family. So then why didn’t I want to wasted all the time like I use to? The answer as complicated as it is simply because God loved me for who I was not who I could be or should be acting.

So why don’t you want to cuss every 6 or 7 words and continue telling dirty jokes well because it’s offensive to Jesus, it hurts His reputation/His feelings?

So why don’t I want to continue having sex & doing what I want to do all the time, well because it’s bad for me, my heart, soul, mind, and body just as God has often times warned all us about in His Word?

So why don’t I want to go out with old party friends because I’m weak with temptation & I just might do all the things mentioned earlier plus some!!

So why do when I slip messing up I run back to my favorite Christian preacher or favorite Harp and Bowl music well simply because I’m striving to achieve greatness for the name who saved my soul from eternal damnation, broken weak self esteem, screwed up financial wreak, and even potential marriage problems due to my own abusive actions and mentalities.

I stay secluded writing, reading, listening, studying, and praying for a better way more abundant part II of the John Wesley Brooks story. I build & continuing building a foundation with the expectations that once I come out of the gate it’s on & I’m bringing as many people as I can into the winners circle.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I’m not worried about it… So why are you?

So they judge not with Spiritual eyes from the heart but what the ears & earthly eyes see? They tell me how can you allow those teenagers and young adults to cuss in church?

Well I just thankful they didn’t sleep in today and actually came to church! They take a look at your inner circle with doubts of why your boys are walking in late? I’m really thankful they now carry Bibles armed with pens & ready blank pages to soon be filled with wisdom & love from above.

They say persecute those wild-eyed boys they reek of weed and stale alcohol left over from the night before. Well I’m genuinely thankful they are starting to learn better decision-making skillz. Not only that but they now have someone to confine in during confusing times and when tough choices arise.

They say once someone becomes saved then your made whole as a new creature and so old habits are washed away. Well I’m thankful their laundry lists of addictions are shrinking Sunday after Sunday with the grace of Jesus! The say the parents musta lost control so why do you also tolerate the crew to serve two masters? Well I’m just thankful through all the darkness & smoked filled rooms they have now started the journey of finding the light. Even if it’s not a smoothly paved interstate they are beginning to find the road to righteousness. So I say with every bump and pothole along the way the Revelation they are receiving mixed with the prayers from above are revealing to their 3rd eye a life that’s worth living.

SO they say, why don’t you warn them about going to concerts, bars, and sunny side up parties is really on the wild and extreme side of hourglass? Well I’m just thankful I’m learning everyday from the father above how to become a leader, a disciple, a brother, and a friend with out having the hypocrites mentality of, ”Do as I say not as I do or did.” They say how can you have such double standards? Where are your ethics, morals & your Christian behavior handbook? Well I’m just thankful one step was taken forward even after or sometimes before the 2 steps backwards occurred.

They say bend them boys over a knee with the Bible in hand, better yet beat them over the head with the bible. As they smile looking at their perfect youth group. All perfect angels and Leave it to Beaver teenage behaviors! Well I’m just thankful not to be a fly on the wall in your perfect youth group. Especially since creeping in with signs of sexual activity, weaknesses or porno, and smells of good times around every corner.

They ask aren’t you rooted and grounded in the principles of the Word of God? Well of course I’m just thankful the seeds have been planted in all their lives so that one day when trouble tries to creep in like the black plague, they might actually read one of those principles found in the B-I-B-L-E. They say enough just their butts in the military or better yet look em up in jail. I know all of them are riding dirty!!!!

Well I’m just thankful when the crowd wanted to stone the prostitute Jesus came to the rescue with the most profound and powerful statement. All you without sin, please, pretty please, with all your ideal ways of how to change a person,” cast the first stone.” So I say my boys and their crew might be rolling stones tonight but Sunday morning they will learn about the one who rose from the grave by the Angel from a high. The one who rolled away that final stone of captivity? SO then I am not worried so why are you?