Thursday, December 16, 2010

I’m not worried about it… So why are you?

So they judge not with Spiritual eyes from the heart but what the ears & earthly eyes see? They tell me how can you allow those teenagers and young adults to cuss in church?

Well I just thankful they didn’t sleep in today and actually came to church! They take a look at your inner circle with doubts of why your boys are walking in late? I’m really thankful they now carry Bibles armed with pens & ready blank pages to soon be filled with wisdom & love from above.

They say persecute those wild-eyed boys they reek of weed and stale alcohol left over from the night before. Well I’m genuinely thankful they are starting to learn better decision-making skillz. Not only that but they now have someone to confine in during confusing times and when tough choices arise.

They say once someone becomes saved then your made whole as a new creature and so old habits are washed away. Well I’m thankful their laundry lists of addictions are shrinking Sunday after Sunday with the grace of Jesus! The say the parents musta lost control so why do you also tolerate the crew to serve two masters? Well I’m just thankful through all the darkness & smoked filled rooms they have now started the journey of finding the light. Even if it’s not a smoothly paved interstate they are beginning to find the road to righteousness. So I say with every bump and pothole along the way the Revelation they are receiving mixed with the prayers from above are revealing to their 3rd eye a life that’s worth living.

SO they say, why don’t you warn them about going to concerts, bars, and sunny side up parties is really on the wild and extreme side of hourglass? Well I’m just thankful I’m learning everyday from the father above how to become a leader, a disciple, a brother, and a friend with out having the hypocrites mentality of, ”Do as I say not as I do or did.” They say how can you have such double standards? Where are your ethics, morals & your Christian behavior handbook? Well I’m just thankful one step was taken forward even after or sometimes before the 2 steps backwards occurred.

They say bend them boys over a knee with the Bible in hand, better yet beat them over the head with the bible. As they smile looking at their perfect youth group. All perfect angels and Leave it to Beaver teenage behaviors! Well I’m just thankful not to be a fly on the wall in your perfect youth group. Especially since creeping in with signs of sexual activity, weaknesses or porno, and smells of good times around every corner.

They ask aren’t you rooted and grounded in the principles of the Word of God? Well of course I’m just thankful the seeds have been planted in all their lives so that one day when trouble tries to creep in like the black plague, they might actually read one of those principles found in the B-I-B-L-E. They say enough just their butts in the military or better yet look em up in jail. I know all of them are riding dirty!!!!

Well I’m just thankful when the crowd wanted to stone the prostitute Jesus came to the rescue with the most profound and powerful statement. All you without sin, please, pretty please, with all your ideal ways of how to change a person,” cast the first stone.” So I say my boys and their crew might be rolling stones tonight but Sunday morning they will learn about the one who rose from the grave by the Angel from a high. The one who rolled away that final stone of captivity? SO then I am not worried so why are you?

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