Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Man Who Fails To Plan, Plans 2 Fail

Lord I have been taught this principal as a child in order to succeed in life. Here I am currently with out a plan, a dream, or a manmade roadmap. Does this thought contradict itself, can a true seer of Christ’s plan out his/her entire life, their future?? I use to have a goal of making it big in 2008 I would move into that new house I built, make $75k, have cash saved up, travel abroad, have mate, & riding down easy street. Well since none of this has happened, I guess mans plan didn’t work out so grand for me this year.

Lately I look at my lack of motivation, lack of planning (except the fun in the sun type trips) & my lists of goals being very small in number. So I ask you Lord, to take the wheel & I’ll jumping into the backseat. I need to be revealed my direction for the remaining year of 2008 & what I’m supposed to accomplish in 2009.

Who do you want me meet?? Where am I supposed to donate my time?? When am I supposed to be fulfilled day in day out with the continuous flow of the Spirit? How do I prepare my offerings to your satisfaction? Who do I run with in the coming year that would prepare me to serve Christ’s the way I was destined to do? Where should I wait for my horse and buggy to carry me to my ordained city, state, countryside, or nation in order for the Glory of the Lord to be spread? How do I find my next designation railroad station?

Whom should I partner with in life to fulfill the teachings of the Master? What steps do I need to make you happy El Shaddai? I fear not the bumps in the road or the many curves throughout my journey since my plan and direction is the Lords. Who said that I couldn’t end up like a John Lake and travel to Africa, Asia, or the South American regions with only instincts & complete faith that my God would provide & protect my boat from the mighty winds and storms? Why do I need goals of a man that represent earthly success? Especially when my goals are not of this world but of Heavens!!

If man said only the foolish travel without plans does that make me crazy if my plan is only to follow Jesus. Should I really have faith in a map system in which manly hands made when my gifts, goals, plans, & direction doesn’t welcome anything that’s not from the throne room? AM I ready God?? Have I crucified my flesh in its entirety to hear your voice like a megaphone? Is there enough of your scriptures in my spirit to actually make a difference? Can my physical eyes become blinded so that my GPS is Gods Power Saves through my testimony & faithfulness to all things that are Pure & Holy?

Has my journey even begun or am I waiting for my time year after year for my turn to shine? Have I been a wondering ship lost on the open seas of life? As I look over the decks back towards the direction of my past life despite all my travels, have I really gone anywhere worthwhile? How do I shipwreck upon the rock of my salvation without direction from the H.S. Teach & train me oh great teacher to make room for a new captain in life.

Help plan, organize, dream, set goals, & accomplish everything I am destined so that I may conquer the enemy. I need to know which path to take: the one less traveled or option B the American rat race. I want to be certain I’m pleasing to your sight & my actions are a delight to your son’s ears. Show me the way Lord. I’m yours so do as you please & take me where I’m suppose to see God’s plan of action for more than just my life.

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