Thursday, December 16, 2010

Swift Like A Ninja

Teach me to be swift like a ninja

Crafty like a carpenter, and the agility of an athlete

Precision of an engineer

Patience of pastors

The love of a schoolteacher

The negotiation skills of a salesman

The leadership qualities of the President

The wisdom of A Prophet

The accuracy of a scientist

Time management of a business entrepreneur,

The service of a hotel concierge

The mind of an astronaut

The backbone of a farmer

The nutritional value of a health nut

The joys of feeding others like a five star chef

Powerful like a body builder and well trained like a U.S. Special Forces agent

Communicate like a film director

Achieve greatness like a Nobel peace prizewinner

Defend the week and innocent like an Attorney

To imprint your designs like a screen printer,

To heal the sick like a doctor

To find your presence like a hunter

I will push through the day and night for your will to be done like a midnight trucker

To analyze literature like a philosopher

Regurgitate your Word like a writer

To sing and play steadfast likes a classic/modern day composer for you

Lord please make the proper adjustments like a chiropractor

To iron out faults and clean up messes like a mother maiden

Learning to love unconditionally like your Lord.

I praise you for the abundance of talent in your people

I pray I possess skills in all these mentioned and other not yet foreseen.

I pray the brilliance of these skilled professions become Supernatural

Poured into my spirit filling my cup over and over and over again.

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