Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Don’t move because of political partnerships, they rarely fly by the seat of their pants, or even worry with silly thoughts of if people like them or not.

Eyes are always upon a leader, watching, waiting for their next move and how the leader will handle that particular situation. This is why stewardship & disciplining is so important in shaping the lives other potential leaders. In other words putting what you know into practice for the benefit of the next generation. It’s critical to pass, "the Father Mantle" onto others so in turn, they too will be encouraged to pass the baton.

If you give God your identity in return God’s saying He will give His identity. It’s an ancient practice that is simply giving back to God what was His in the first place.

He’s the one who turns the nobody’s into somebody, so that the nobody’s and the somebody’s start watching you Then we all start to see and understand what it takes to become a true leader.

The only true way to act right is simply standing in righteousness. Standing right in the midst of wrong isn’t always easy. However it’s what successful leaders are called to do, making the tough choices when nobody’s looking. The right place at the right time can become critical to one’s survival in the days to come.

God never intended for us to act like robots or even Martians rather he created us to maintain our own abilities. The characteristics a proven leader: learn, train, and becoming pruned by removing the thorns & reveling the beautiful rose of Sharon.

Gardens don’t spring up in a day and Leaders aren’t born over night!!!

Think of this, the true description of being a son or daughter of the Lord of host is realizing you are the next kin-illionaire a person of royalty, nobility, a higher standard in statue and all your characteristics that you possess will be used to grow into the Leaders you are all destined to become...

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