Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vibes from the Holy Vine

Just as vibe feels vibe so does the Holy Spirit stirs us all up when the same agenda is being searched out. The flow always senses others flow in tongues as well as prayer language. The same scenario applies for the sit downers, look-oners, stand Byers, which take comfort with each other’s long glances into nothing. Can one truly feel satisfied unless that individual has a close walk with the Lord? Can one truly move on in life when starring at someone who they possibly love & feel that maybe so maybe not vibe. Getting close to someone of the opposite sex is challenging when your face is on the Lords face. A face that w/out a doubt that’s shining on both of you starts sparking when looking at each other’s way. His light exits one body and smiles backwards towards the others body. Is this solitude lifestyle too cautious Lord or is it really just wanting the perfect will of Jesus & following Him w/out distractions? Just as the Lord has said to all repeatedly I have always been here and I am here with you now. It sometimes feels I have always been waiting for my opposite attraction.

What does it mean God when I act awkward around her/him, often times saving stupid things while jumping to wrong conclusions & those unnatural statements. Why am I so comfortable around all other girls/guys except this one chosen by God? It must be the worldly environments & the alcohol right. I could read and write till I’m blue in the face just to be by your side God & of course to catch a glimpse from her/his direction. I’m not the man she/he prays for this night but what about tomorrow, next week/month, or the long, long, long next year. Oh how my heart breaks as I exhale considering that might be true yet gently exhaling once more, knowing all 3 of us are here together for at least now. So as the song plays on let the river flow, let the H.S. come, let the river flow. Let the H.S. chills engulf my body & remind me of the ol so truths of mans knowledge. The truth still remains all we need in life God is you, so, so simple.

Amazing simply amazing the human will tests the flesh just as the mind seeks the Spirit for what really is right, wrong, 1 dimensional, or 3. Who can tell me, who will really know the truth, know the time, know the place, know the others heart beat, know when I could be trusted, know when is my time, know when does my-her/his destinies take place. Is it possible for one another to sense & feel the others soul, mind, heart, & passions. If so then how about their addictions, diseases, strongholds, & pains w/out even discussing them w/ each other? Only Yahweh really knows the truth & feels this vibe for the time being.

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