Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reproduction of Imitations

How can a human being expect to re-create Supernatural experiences & events that occur in their lifetime? When this person figures out the deep thoughts & interactions with the superior creator can’t be rewind like a T.V recording with Tivo. So then what happens to the mind that wants to continue to seek greater experiences as they once where revealed? Does the mindset before that was once wasted on foreign substances & dangerous games replace those forgotten feelings with fresh Revelations? How about the heart and soul who once was so filled with secrets of destiny, can it continue to beat on and on with the same measures that once occurred during those precious intimate times?

So even when I stride for the way things use to be mentality the logic stored away inside my soul only cries out that na├»ve thinking will have to change sooner or later. Can I have your attention Reality has just entered the building, as I comprehend yesterdays replies these seem to be only memories of forgotten photographs. So then since we can’t put a price on life, health, or salvation, what price would you pay to get those forgotten days back and falling memories?

What’s the real value to see into another dimension, a mere glimpse of the future, an experience the dream that’s a lifetime dream? Time after time I‘ve seen him, her, & even myself waste a night risking brain cells & irregular heart beats to feel those man made imitations of reproductions. It’s the fun; let’s not forget the fun. Feelings of separation now divide the hearts, which where for a time & season closely knitted together, like Lavern and Shirley.

So the million-dollar question remains, what to do what to do? How can I get back to the top of the mountain again? How can I sore high above like the eagles that once circled above my atmosphere? When I look around me everything that glitters could possibly be gold, I stop and ponder where exactly am I? According to my heartache maybe there is some real substance to the old wise tale that everything under the sun is meaningless. Can’t figure out which sounds & beats I truly seek. Can’t fathom seeing pictures of myself without directions sitting with earmuffs and wearing a blindfold.

As the great Socrates once said true wisdom comes to us when we realize how little we truly understand about ourselves, daily life, & even the world around us. Maybe I thought I understood what I assumed was understandable!!

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