Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Walls to Ashes

Walls to Ashes

The airwaves are cloudy when I close my eyes all I see is a blockade. Where O Where are the worshipping warriors, why are they scattered across the land? The Spirit mourns for more and more worship & praise that tears down these walls of Religion. Old traditions die when new ways are birthed. Why do the dj’s, rappers, & space explorers remain silent when the sounds in the soul are ready for an explosion?

Lifting up our spirits into the unforeseen dimensions is not such a thing alive in the modern day structure of the church, or is it? The earth rumbles & the Angels cries Holy, Holy are the one’s who are coming forth with the sounds of deliverance. This sound of deliverance as the older folks once said will set the captives free. These computer generated beats will birth for a group of young people who will bring forth freedom to the Nations. As we enter and exit into these spacey melodies of power our Spirits will float on clouds of His glory. Why O why are you preventing the new movement of His grace? All that reminds me of the days when electric guitars represented the devil, a short time ago the drums where for rock stars and lights on the stag was not only a distractions in worship but a show and tell of look what we can do with technology.

The eyes are looking; His eyes are searching high and low all over the Earth for His anointed worshipers to arise as His next generation. The holy Spirit will lead these wild haired, non fearing t shirt wearing crowd to bring us corporately to new levels of the Spirit Realm no man or women has ever experienced. It’s time for the Earth to feel, see, and hear the glory of God with all His power, love, and creativity to save the souls of the damned.
To light a passionate fire so bright for advancing the Kingdom His light will be seen from the deserts of the Middle East to the rice farms that surround China.

Who is willing to press in deeper, who is fearless enough to plow this fertile ground? Who is brave enough to break a few rules @ your grandparents church in order for His Spirit to move freely throughout their dried up dull Sunday morning services? Who will answer the call, who is willing to fight the dark forces of evil? Who will produce the world beats that unites the tribes of Africa with the Pastors & Evangelists that are at this moment becoming groomed for the continent of Africa’s great awakening. Who will sacrifice their time, money, & family to train this new class of recruits and mentor them with the sword of the Spirit? Who will suffer and swallow their pride of keeping the denomination Holy substituting the promotion of the true worshipers with is Spirit and Truth?

Who, what where, when, now is the time. Forget about yesterdays songs, write, play, sing, dance, skip to the beats of His heart. There coming, coming for your money to help send them around the world helping ushering a new wave of His Spirit so big the Tsunami will look like a day at the beach. Who will fund these houses of prayers that are springing up all over the land like oil wells bubbling and runith over in Iraq & Iran? Who will run and not hide? He’s calling all those passions, desires, and undiscovered talents to be laid at the feet of His alter. All those forgotten dreams and left behind Spiritual insights aren’t just for your journey to collect dust. Learn to know when the Lord Almighty speaks He wants all mankind to listen. We need to understand that He’s moving forward with His plans for creation.

Technology is the springboard of life for the lost & those tortured confessed souls. This is the age of a little mix and match mentality, so help not hinder this new generation to get their promotions from the one who sits on the throne. Their success directly depends upon us. Don’t deny our willingness to adapt to their hidden beats that’s been stored away in the minds & souls of everyone under 30. The time is quickly approaching to store away the hymnal books in the libraries and museums. The days coming where worship of spontaneous combustion of His Spirit will erupt like a volcanoes burning down the walls & turning into ashes those standing in God’s way.

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