Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Man Who Fails To Plan, Plans 2 Fail

Lord I have been taught this principal as a child in order to succeed in life. Here I am currently with out a plan, a dream, or a manmade roadmap. Does this thought contradict itself, can a true seer of Christ’s plan out his/her entire life, their future?? I use to have a goal of making it big in 2008 I would move into that new house I built, make $75k, have cash saved up, travel abroad, have mate, & riding down easy street. Well since none of this has happened, I guess mans plan didn’t work out so grand for me this year.

Lately I look at my lack of motivation, lack of planning (except the fun in the sun type trips) & my lists of goals being very small in number. So I ask you Lord, to take the wheel & I’ll jumping into the backseat. I need to be revealed my direction for the remaining year of 2008 & what I’m supposed to accomplish in 2009.

Who do you want me meet?? Where am I supposed to donate my time?? When am I supposed to be fulfilled day in day out with the continuous flow of the Spirit? How do I prepare my offerings to your satisfaction? Who do I run with in the coming year that would prepare me to serve Christ’s the way I was destined to do? Where should I wait for my horse and buggy to carry me to my ordained city, state, countryside, or nation in order for the Glory of the Lord to be spread? How do I find my next designation railroad station?

Whom should I partner with in life to fulfill the teachings of the Master? What steps do I need to make you happy El Shaddai? I fear not the bumps in the road or the many curves throughout my journey since my plan and direction is the Lords. Who said that I couldn’t end up like a John Lake and travel to Africa, Asia, or the South American regions with only instincts & complete faith that my God would provide & protect my boat from the mighty winds and storms? Why do I need goals of a man that represent earthly success? Especially when my goals are not of this world but of Heavens!!

If man said only the foolish travel without plans does that make me crazy if my plan is only to follow Jesus. Should I really have faith in a map system in which manly hands made when my gifts, goals, plans, & direction doesn’t welcome anything that’s not from the throne room? AM I ready God?? Have I crucified my flesh in its entirety to hear your voice like a megaphone? Is there enough of your scriptures in my spirit to actually make a difference? Can my physical eyes become blinded so that my GPS is Gods Power Saves through my testimony & faithfulness to all things that are Pure & Holy?

Has my journey even begun or am I waiting for my time year after year for my turn to shine? Have I been a wondering ship lost on the open seas of life? As I look over the decks back towards the direction of my past life despite all my travels, have I really gone anywhere worthwhile? How do I shipwreck upon the rock of my salvation without direction from the H.S. Teach & train me oh great teacher to make room for a new captain in life.

Help plan, organize, dream, set goals, & accomplish everything I am destined so that I may conquer the enemy. I need to know which path to take: the one less traveled or option B the American rat race. I want to be certain I’m pleasing to your sight & my actions are a delight to your son’s ears. Show me the way Lord. I’m yours so do as you please & take me where I’m suppose to see God’s plan of action for more than just my life.

Master Composer

Teach me Lord the focus and concentration of a master music composer. How I long for their discipline in waiting for their key (your voice) waiting, waiting, then reaching to your act, and not theirs. Only adding to the mix of the group, what is best for everyone, not just themselves. Never rudely out perform their counter partners, but adding a delightful melody. A sound that is not only pleasant to the ears, but one that is on the frequency that you have destined. Never bouncing around like a yo-yo only striving for divine intervention.

Talk your Talk

Gossip me this
Gossip me that
It sounds like too much gossip for just one mouth

Truthful lips endures forever
But a lying tongue lasts only a minute
So then, the prudent keeps their mouth shut
Overlooking insults

Just as charcoal to embers & as wood to fire
So without wood fire goes out
Without gossip a quarrel dies down

Since a trustworthy person keeps a secret
Don’t betray a brother, stay true to your friend

The Power of Music & Prayer

Pray this, we pray that, we pray earlier in the break of dawn, & we pray late into the night for the break thrus to break on through. We pray till the bondage is broken, until the chains of sin in which has held us for hostage for so long don’t have dominion over us, the body of Christ. Glory to Jesus the lamb that was saved, joy to the Nations, let Jesus reign on the throne room. For your word states clearly the wolf & the lamb will worship to find refuge together. This is only possible thru the power of the cross, Revelation from Heaven, & Prophesy falling upon Gods 4-5 star generals to pass to the generations.

Music provides a beat to pray & allows us to tap into Gods heartbeat. Music & prayer energizes Heaven, it fulfills the earth, & magnifies people to seek Gods face. It’s a portal to feel Gods graced, mercy, Revelation of the past, present, & future. One cannot deny oneself when they participate in wholehearted worship & prayer. Music & prayer changes the atmosphere, it prepares the way. Preparing the way for angelic appearances, prepares for visions & dreams, & prepares the way for a clearer mind to feel & hear Him. For Gods work to be done as well as transform the person, church, group, organization.

It’s powerful, it’s contagious, it’s Holy& pure, it’s satisfies the soul. It soothes the mind, body, & heart to continue forward for God’s destiny & purpose. It washes us in the blood of the lamb, just like a blood transfusion. It’s the constant fire on the alter; the Lord clearly speaks of in His word. It rewires the watchmen/watchwomen on the wall to have the passion to continuing interceding for the strangers in the hall. It humbles us all, which helps bring us closer to the throne room. It prepares us for the day, tomorrow, & a lifetime of Holy pursuit. Don’t take my word, just try it and see.

Vibes from the Holy Vine

Just as vibe feels vibe so does the Holy Spirit stirs us all up when the same agenda is being searched out. The flow always senses others flow in tongues as well as prayer language. The same scenario applies for the sit downers, look-oners, stand Byers, which take comfort with each other’s long glances into nothing. Can one truly feel satisfied unless that individual has a close walk with the Lord? Can one truly move on in life when starring at someone who they possibly love & feel that maybe so maybe not vibe. Getting close to someone of the opposite sex is challenging when your face is on the Lords face. A face that w/out a doubt that’s shining on both of you starts sparking when looking at each other’s way. His light exits one body and smiles backwards towards the others body. Is this solitude lifestyle too cautious Lord or is it really just wanting the perfect will of Jesus & following Him w/out distractions? Just as the Lord has said to all repeatedly I have always been here and I am here with you now. It sometimes feels I have always been waiting for my opposite attraction.

What does it mean God when I act awkward around her/him, often times saving stupid things while jumping to wrong conclusions & those unnatural statements. Why am I so comfortable around all other girls/guys except this one chosen by God? It must be the worldly environments & the alcohol right. I could read and write till I’m blue in the face just to be by your side God & of course to catch a glimpse from her/his direction. I’m not the man she/he prays for this night but what about tomorrow, next week/month, or the long, long, long next year. Oh how my heart breaks as I exhale considering that might be true yet gently exhaling once more, knowing all 3 of us are here together for at least now. So as the song plays on let the river flow, let the H.S. come, let the river flow. Let the H.S. chills engulf my body & remind me of the ol so truths of mans knowledge. The truth still remains all we need in life God is you, so, so simple.

Amazing simply amazing the human will tests the flesh just as the mind seeks the Spirit for what really is right, wrong, 1 dimensional, or 3. Who can tell me, who will really know the truth, know the time, know the place, know the others heart beat, know when I could be trusted, know when is my time, know when does my-her/his destinies take place. Is it possible for one another to sense & feel the others soul, mind, heart, & passions. If so then how about their addictions, diseases, strongholds, & pains w/out even discussing them w/ each other? Only Yahweh really knows the truth & feels this vibe for the time being.

So Why Don’t You, Please Do It

So Why Don’t You, Please Do It

So why don’t you please don’t make me smoke alone. John please just smoke a little with me? Look I’m not looking for anything serious or long term rather just a little fun tonight. I know you love to fool around I can the see the spark in your eyes. It’s not a big deal if we have sex tonight as the song goes” And tomorrow go back to being friends.”

Hey man everybody wants to go out tonight, you know catch up on old times throw down like 1999, 2009, wine and dine, it’s the usual that’s on the menu tonight. “Come on you never go out anymore always dissing all your friends acting like your way better than us or something. One night hurt anything; stop getting your panties in a wad.

So as I walk the down town streets the shadow of death I fear no evil for even thou I’ve screwed up you will comfort me as you lead me down to cleaner refreshing waters I drink the cup of life, whatever shoot or cocktail you want to buy me. I use to think the idea of God was cool and liked the benefit package of going to Heaven but never cared for Jesus too much. I’m not rally sure why just didn’t. He never did anything to me or ever mistreated me. I simply didn’t think or talk about Him. I wanted the free pass to Heaven when I died (like everyone else in the world) However I never wanted to abide by all those rules acting and doing all the things like the churchy God bless you attitude people. No I wanted to do what I wanted, where I wanted, when I wanted, where I wanted and depending on how I felt & even how late into the night get into something more.

See when I started looking growing into manhood I started looking around & discovering the fun times bring pains, pissing all that money away wasn’t exactly fun anymore. Fights, diseases, car wrecks, prejudice arose, and the Billy Bad @$$ syndrome occurred inside my head & heart. As I turned towards God in a last effort to somehow get right & help my mother sleep a little easier @ night God welcomed my twisted, wild eyed, all- nighter, broken mess into His arms.

I was welcomed without a whip or a belt for all my sins but with love. God's ordained perfected timing of people & even places taking me in under their wings, exposing me to a new side of life. Lifestyles that where Holy in action mixed with a burning passion to change my hellion ways. Even afterwards I still continued to slip back and forth tossing and turning with my Angels and my Devils, God still took care of me like a loving Father. He started revealing Himself to me as I continued to draw near. It was mindblowing ways that I have only heard about from my mother. Telling me things called Revelations during hours of prayer sessions and now they where started occuring to me.

Gifting and talents started to arise inside of me things I didn’t even know I had or could do. He started showing me things regarding my future, other people’s future, & often times sharing with me what was on His heart at that moment in time. As I started recognizing this relationship forming He patiently waited on me to die to self, stop fighting,”the mentality of living for years on both sides of the fence” and just give into His plan. As I con’t to put my hand out and reach toward Him, He was doing the same stretching His hand out to grab mine. Once this new relationship blossomed into a true friendship, He wanted to open my eyes, heart, and even my feelings toward His only son, Jesus.

One can’t truly love God without loving Jesus and someone can’t live like she/he wants and without finally turning away from the old Habitual habits. It’s not right to love a father and mother and not son or even daughter especially when you begin to spend significant time with that someone. It almost becomes natural with long durations of time to start treating everyone equally in the family. So then why didn’t I want to wasted all the time like I use to? The answer as complicated as it is simply because God loved me for who I was not who I could be or should be acting.

So why don’t you want to cuss every 6 or 7 words and continue telling dirty jokes well because it’s offensive to Jesus, it hurts His reputation/His feelings?

So why don’t I want to continue having sex & doing what I want to do all the time, well because it’s bad for me, my heart, soul, mind, and body just as God has often times warned all us about in His Word?

So why don’t I want to go out with old party friends because I’m weak with temptation & I just might do all the things mentioned earlier plus some!!

So why do when I slip messing up I run back to my favorite Christian preacher or favorite Harp and Bowl music well simply because I’m striving to achieve greatness for the name who saved my soul from eternal damnation, broken weak self esteem, screwed up financial wreak, and even potential marriage problems due to my own abusive actions and mentalities.

I stay secluded writing, reading, listening, studying, and praying for a better way more abundant part II of the John Wesley Brooks story. I build & continuing building a foundation with the expectations that once I come out of the gate it’s on & I’m bringing as many people as I can into the winners circle.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I’m not worried about it… So why are you?

So they judge not with Spiritual eyes from the heart but what the ears & earthly eyes see? They tell me how can you allow those teenagers and young adults to cuss in church?

Well I just thankful they didn’t sleep in today and actually came to church! They take a look at your inner circle with doubts of why your boys are walking in late? I’m really thankful they now carry Bibles armed with pens & ready blank pages to soon be filled with wisdom & love from above.

They say persecute those wild-eyed boys they reek of weed and stale alcohol left over from the night before. Well I’m genuinely thankful they are starting to learn better decision-making skillz. Not only that but they now have someone to confine in during confusing times and when tough choices arise.

They say once someone becomes saved then your made whole as a new creature and so old habits are washed away. Well I’m thankful their laundry lists of addictions are shrinking Sunday after Sunday with the grace of Jesus! The say the parents musta lost control so why do you also tolerate the crew to serve two masters? Well I’m just thankful through all the darkness & smoked filled rooms they have now started the journey of finding the light. Even if it’s not a smoothly paved interstate they are beginning to find the road to righteousness. So I say with every bump and pothole along the way the Revelation they are receiving mixed with the prayers from above are revealing to their 3rd eye a life that’s worth living.

SO they say, why don’t you warn them about going to concerts, bars, and sunny side up parties is really on the wild and extreme side of hourglass? Well I’m just thankful I’m learning everyday from the father above how to become a leader, a disciple, a brother, and a friend with out having the hypocrites mentality of, ”Do as I say not as I do or did.” They say how can you have such double standards? Where are your ethics, morals & your Christian behavior handbook? Well I’m just thankful one step was taken forward even after or sometimes before the 2 steps backwards occurred.

They say bend them boys over a knee with the Bible in hand, better yet beat them over the head with the bible. As they smile looking at their perfect youth group. All perfect angels and Leave it to Beaver teenage behaviors! Well I’m just thankful not to be a fly on the wall in your perfect youth group. Especially since creeping in with signs of sexual activity, weaknesses or porno, and smells of good times around every corner.

They ask aren’t you rooted and grounded in the principles of the Word of God? Well of course I’m just thankful the seeds have been planted in all their lives so that one day when trouble tries to creep in like the black plague, they might actually read one of those principles found in the B-I-B-L-E. They say enough just their butts in the military or better yet look em up in jail. I know all of them are riding dirty!!!!

Well I’m just thankful when the crowd wanted to stone the prostitute Jesus came to the rescue with the most profound and powerful statement. All you without sin, please, pretty please, with all your ideal ways of how to change a person,” cast the first stone.” So I say my boys and their crew might be rolling stones tonight but Sunday morning they will learn about the one who rose from the grave by the Angel from a high. The one who rolled away that final stone of captivity? SO then I am not worried so why are you?

Swift Like A Ninja

Teach me to be swift like a ninja

Crafty like a carpenter, and the agility of an athlete

Precision of an engineer

Patience of pastors

The love of a schoolteacher

The negotiation skills of a salesman

The leadership qualities of the President

The wisdom of A Prophet

The accuracy of a scientist

Time management of a business entrepreneur,

The service of a hotel concierge

The mind of an astronaut

The backbone of a farmer

The nutritional value of a health nut

The joys of feeding others like a five star chef

Powerful like a body builder and well trained like a U.S. Special Forces agent

Communicate like a film director

Achieve greatness like a Nobel peace prizewinner

Defend the week and innocent like an Attorney

To imprint your designs like a screen printer,

To heal the sick like a doctor

To find your presence like a hunter

I will push through the day and night for your will to be done like a midnight trucker

To analyze literature like a philosopher

Regurgitate your Word like a writer

To sing and play steadfast likes a classic/modern day composer for you

Lord please make the proper adjustments like a chiropractor

To iron out faults and clean up messes like a mother maiden

Learning to love unconditionally like your Lord.

I praise you for the abundance of talent in your people

I pray I possess skills in all these mentioned and other not yet foreseen.

I pray the brilliance of these skilled professions become Supernatural

Poured into my spirit filling my cup over and over and over again.

So I ask

So I Ask...

So I ask let me walk into situations w/out preparation.
So I ask hand me the file right before I enter the roundtable discuss.
So I ask book my flight & when I arrive I will be able to deliver the right message.
So I ask put me in the rotation, adding me to the schedule & watch me perform.
So I ask if I’m busy make the arrangements & I won’t let you down.
So I ask of nothing in return for all the goodness I show.
So I ask to be 1st yet accepting finishing last b/c I helped a friend find the way.
So I ask judge not my actions or fault rather the purity of my heat.
So I ask after self-evaluation who am I & where exactly have I been taking myself lately?
So I ask will I ever become the man my father & mother hope & expect?
So I ask will I ever become the husband that remains best friends with my wife?
So I ask will I train up a child in the way they should not departing from righteousness?
So I ask what it takes for my parents to become answered?
So I ask what exactly am I willing to sacrifice for the greater good of mankind?
So I ask will I have to stand alone in times of needs and trouble?
So I ask if I vanish for a year or even two would my absence become remotely noticed?
So I ask if I had to do it all over again would I turn out the same person you use to know?
So I ask if I did exchange old ways for what they say is a better day would I be heretoday
So I ask what is the value of a soul truly worth on the black market?
So I ask if I discovered the fountain of youth would I sell it or simply give it away?
So I ask is not my house right with God?
So I ask has He not made an everlasting covenant with me arranging every piece & part?
So I ask will He not bring to fruition my salvation & grant me every promise and desire?
So I ask give me the Nations as your inheritance?
So I ask please answer me when I call out?
So I ask give me relief from my distress.
So I ask please be merciful to me and hear my prayers.
So I ask since I have already ask don’t you think the Lord will answer when I call?
So I ask how much do you really expect from me, b/c somewhere deep down inside I feel I can somehow give so much more, so much mo.

What has more Temptation? The Eyes, the Mind, or the Ears…

The eye is never satisfied and the traveling ears never seems to hear exactly what it wants Once the cloudy polluted mind finally opens up it causes my ears to explode hearing nothing but your goodness. Since my eyes have finally seen the truth, I can fly like I use to fly. My soul can once again fly with freedom from my eyes escaping my minds hearing those forgotten lines.

A wise man once there is only one set of eyes that truly watches over the ways of the righteousness. City after city, town after town my mind races over and over those dirty streets. What will I see next? My ears are in serious need of a rhythm that can capture all three into another time and space. How can the eyes forget what it’s seen? How can old forgotten memories remain buried when my ears have heard the sounds of my destiny bell ringing?

The good news says,” offer your body as a living sacrifice” for all the music lovers in the house, this is your spiritual act of worship. It’s your own way of breaking it down, style of dance, and singing. So express out loud without becoming conforming to the pattern of this world but become transformed by the renewing of your mind.

The habits of the familiarity steps led to a tortured soul once you have seen and heard the real deal Christ-Holderfield. All 3 become one in His presence, all 3 are ole so slightly adjusted becoming more welcoming to the Trinity to come close. Because Heaven just spoke with all His Glory, God poured all over the intercessor, the God chaser, the seer, and the seeker. Temptation it’s @ every corner looming on the city streets during the midnight hours. Good advise might say turn the wrong eye blindly to her ways and you know what I’m talking about those seductive waves of dancing moves. The mind of Christ probably would instruct the crooked mindset to simply be still and listen for a new state of mind. The ears most likely would say watch out for Peter when he has a sword in his hand. Listen to the small voice and sounds during the worship. For there will be a day when the 3 are 1.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Don’t move because of political partnerships, they rarely fly by the seat of their pants, or even worry with silly thoughts of if people like them or not.

Eyes are always upon a leader, watching, waiting for their next move and how the leader will handle that particular situation. This is why stewardship & disciplining is so important in shaping the lives other potential leaders. In other words putting what you know into practice for the benefit of the next generation. It’s critical to pass, "the Father Mantle" onto others so in turn, they too will be encouraged to pass the baton.

If you give God your identity in return God’s saying He will give His identity. It’s an ancient practice that is simply giving back to God what was His in the first place.

He’s the one who turns the nobody’s into somebody, so that the nobody’s and the somebody’s start watching you Then we all start to see and understand what it takes to become a true leader.

The only true way to act right is simply standing in righteousness. Standing right in the midst of wrong isn’t always easy. However it’s what successful leaders are called to do, making the tough choices when nobody’s looking. The right place at the right time can become critical to one’s survival in the days to come.

God never intended for us to act like robots or even Martians rather he created us to maintain our own abilities. The characteristics a proven leader: learn, train, and becoming pruned by removing the thorns & reveling the beautiful rose of Sharon.

Gardens don’t spring up in a day and Leaders aren’t born over night!!!

Think of this, the true description of being a son or daughter of the Lord of host is realizing you are the next kin-illionaire a person of royalty, nobility, a higher standard in statue and all your characteristics that you possess will be used to grow into the Leaders you are all destined to become...

Take Control

Take Control

Don’t get too busy & let it all pass by. Don’t let it pass you by.

Just another face in another place.

Look around, look around, looking all around

It’s easier to blend into the crowd than make a stand.

Who will make a stand? Who will take a stand?

Don’t let the music take control

Never allowing the music to take control

Even when it wants to take your soul

Let God take control

Take my soul, take my soul

It’s my soul, my soul, my soul

My life’s always under His control

Who will make a stand? Who will take the stand?

Don’t let the music take control

Never allowing the music to take control

Even when it wants to take control

Let Him take control

Take my soul, my soul, it’s my soul

Built Christ Tough

It takes time, Time, Time, Time aftertime when you are building a house. Do you go to the builder without a foundation and say I’m ready to move in quickly? Can you skip some steps in the process, rushing the procedures up so I can sit back relaxing while chilling in my new whirlpool hot tub? If you want your house to last, if you want your house to with stand against hurricane winds, tornadoes, hail, & storms? The wise man once said build the house step by step piece by piece, never hurrying never rushing, never skipping the order of importance. For when we rush perfection & force things on our own sets up for a perfect formula for having problems, issues, structural foundation cracks.

Reminds me of the parable how the wise man built his house upon the rock, the foolish man builds his house upon the sand. Times of darkness and uncertainties are when the leaders of tomorrow are being forged!!!

Walls to Ashes

Walls to Ashes

The airwaves are cloudy when I close my eyes all I see is a blockade. Where O Where are the worshipping warriors, why are they scattered across the land? The Spirit mourns for more and more worship & praise that tears down these walls of Religion. Old traditions die when new ways are birthed. Why do the dj’s, rappers, & space explorers remain silent when the sounds in the soul are ready for an explosion?

Lifting up our spirits into the unforeseen dimensions is not such a thing alive in the modern day structure of the church, or is it? The earth rumbles & the Angels cries Holy, Holy are the one’s who are coming forth with the sounds of deliverance. This sound of deliverance as the older folks once said will set the captives free. These computer generated beats will birth for a group of young people who will bring forth freedom to the Nations. As we enter and exit into these spacey melodies of power our Spirits will float on clouds of His glory. Why O why are you preventing the new movement of His grace? All that reminds me of the days when electric guitars represented the devil, a short time ago the drums where for rock stars and lights on the stag was not only a distractions in worship but a show and tell of look what we can do with technology.

The eyes are looking; His eyes are searching high and low all over the Earth for His anointed worshipers to arise as His next generation. The holy Spirit will lead these wild haired, non fearing t shirt wearing crowd to bring us corporately to new levels of the Spirit Realm no man or women has ever experienced. It’s time for the Earth to feel, see, and hear the glory of God with all His power, love, and creativity to save the souls of the damned.
To light a passionate fire so bright for advancing the Kingdom His light will be seen from the deserts of the Middle East to the rice farms that surround China.

Who is willing to press in deeper, who is fearless enough to plow this fertile ground? Who is brave enough to break a few rules @ your grandparents church in order for His Spirit to move freely throughout their dried up dull Sunday morning services? Who will answer the call, who is willing to fight the dark forces of evil? Who will produce the world beats that unites the tribes of Africa with the Pastors & Evangelists that are at this moment becoming groomed for the continent of Africa’s great awakening. Who will sacrifice their time, money, & family to train this new class of recruits and mentor them with the sword of the Spirit? Who will suffer and swallow their pride of keeping the denomination Holy substituting the promotion of the true worshipers with is Spirit and Truth?

Who, what where, when, now is the time. Forget about yesterdays songs, write, play, sing, dance, skip to the beats of His heart. There coming, coming for your money to help send them around the world helping ushering a new wave of His Spirit so big the Tsunami will look like a day at the beach. Who will fund these houses of prayers that are springing up all over the land like oil wells bubbling and runith over in Iraq & Iran? Who will run and not hide? He’s calling all those passions, desires, and undiscovered talents to be laid at the feet of His alter. All those forgotten dreams and left behind Spiritual insights aren’t just for your journey to collect dust. Learn to know when the Lord Almighty speaks He wants all mankind to listen. We need to understand that He’s moving forward with His plans for creation.

Technology is the springboard of life for the lost & those tortured confessed souls. This is the age of a little mix and match mentality, so help not hinder this new generation to get their promotions from the one who sits on the throne. Their success directly depends upon us. Don’t deny our willingness to adapt to their hidden beats that’s been stored away in the minds & souls of everyone under 30. The time is quickly approaching to store away the hymnal books in the libraries and museums. The days coming where worship of spontaneous combustion of His Spirit will erupt like a volcanoes burning down the walls & turning into ashes those standing in God’s way.

Reproduction of Imitations

How can a human being expect to re-create Supernatural experiences & events that occur in their lifetime? When this person figures out the deep thoughts & interactions with the superior creator can’t be rewind like a T.V recording with Tivo. So then what happens to the mind that wants to continue to seek greater experiences as they once where revealed? Does the mindset before that was once wasted on foreign substances & dangerous games replace those forgotten feelings with fresh Revelations? How about the heart and soul who once was so filled with secrets of destiny, can it continue to beat on and on with the same measures that once occurred during those precious intimate times?

So even when I stride for the way things use to be mentality the logic stored away inside my soul only cries out that naïve thinking will have to change sooner or later. Can I have your attention Reality has just entered the building, as I comprehend yesterdays replies these seem to be only memories of forgotten photographs. So then since we can’t put a price on life, health, or salvation, what price would you pay to get those forgotten days back and falling memories?

What’s the real value to see into another dimension, a mere glimpse of the future, an experience the dream that’s a lifetime dream? Time after time I‘ve seen him, her, & even myself waste a night risking brain cells & irregular heart beats to feel those man made imitations of reproductions. It’s the fun; let’s not forget the fun. Feelings of separation now divide the hearts, which where for a time & season closely knitted together, like Lavern and Shirley.

So the million-dollar question remains, what to do what to do? How can I get back to the top of the mountain again? How can I sore high above like the eagles that once circled above my atmosphere? When I look around me everything that glitters could possibly be gold, I stop and ponder where exactly am I? According to my heartache maybe there is some real substance to the old wise tale that everything under the sun is meaningless. Can’t figure out which sounds & beats I truly seek. Can’t fathom seeing pictures of myself without directions sitting with earmuffs and wearing a blindfold.

As the great Socrates once said true wisdom comes to us when we realize how little we truly understand about ourselves, daily life, & even the world around us. Maybe I thought I understood what I assumed was understandable!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Write to get Right

Why DO U Write They Say…………

Would it drive you crazy answering a question with a question? Why would anyone ever even dream of writing to an audience of one? Who in there right mind would want to waste an entire work day giving up worldly wealth to gain Spiritual knowledge? Where O where on earth would one attempt to try and write God’s heart & plan for total strangers unless dwelling in His secret place!!

When will the words on the paper transform to life? A million thoughts flooding our minds these days, how can anyone wait quietly and patiently for a word for someone, an action plan for a friend, or even an acquaintance? How then can we start living Word-by-Word flowing from His Word piece-by -piece until His masterpiece is composed?

I write for those who love dank more their own callings encouraging them we can put down the glass piece for exchange of a piece of God’s Kingdom, a piece of God’s Heart.

I write for the bar rats that carry bags of sunshine in their 3 piece suits and/or tucked under their visors, t-shirts, and sandals.

I write for the gangsters of one-night stands & the unlovable mean drunks.

I write to get right, words that burn not just burn for a day, or even burn another one down but to burn for Him on the alter. Burning off my flesh one sentence @ time not one line at a time. So if you want to feel & live His fire I suggest you forget the 5th rocket pocket & grab a pocket Bible reading to gain the real fire, line after line.

I pen now because I’m marked not with a bullet hole target or a check by my name on the chalk board, rather stamped by His seal on His left ring finger. Maybe that’s what Ol’ Stevie Wonder meant to say before he forgot his life’s calling,” signed, sealed, delivered, I’m your yours.”

So as my broken, confused, messed up life once was and now isn’t .I will waste ink, paper, & time all day rather than my once wasted all night life. So I pray before I write, I read before I pray, & try only to pen what He tells me to write. Despite the fact I have 2 arms and 2 hands, left arm SLIGHTYLY STRAYS, Almighty’s right hand is rooted and grounding me by His Word insuring my right hand never runs astray.

I write for others so that one day I might be trusted. I share with friends so that their lives can reach their divine purpose & helping fulfill their dreams and destinies.

I write for sanctification & redemption of the child molesters and the Ruthy dropping college Fraternity kids.

I write in order to give His hope & love to the Sororities sisters who instead of giving life to a child of God called the coat hanger dumpster doctor to fix that drunken mistake.

I write so that people can see it’s not me, but His desire is to write your name in the Book of Eternal life, no matter the hazard, game, or crime committed.

I write so that His freedom can Reign.

I write in order for you to see the father calls you His friend.

I write because we have all fallen short of the Glory of God yet His grace and His forgiveness causes abounding love to all while His mercy forgets and saves. He is might to save are you mighty enough to turn away from the boys and girls gone wild DVD lifestyle so that your soul can be forever saved.

I write for those people who are constantly in pain throughout their body.

I write for those who don’t have access to cell phones; never hearing the ring tone of His calling.

I write and passionately fight for the poor and those who are over extended themselves in debt up to their eyeballs praying they don’t foreclosure loosing everything.

I write so that some day you can be used mightily becoming one of His voices.

The nay sayers boast,” why would you waste so much paper & ink since most people won’t take the time to read material if it’s not found by Googles search engine or gossip columns carefully placed in grocery store lines.” The great one has been called since the ages, “Author, Creator, and the Finisher” willing to whisper to anyone who will listen. The pen is still mightier than the Sword. If you only believe His words, His Word will always be sharper than any two edged sword.

So why do I waste the Monday away reading what He wrote just for me, just for you, setting our jailed Spirits free? I write because it seems these days you need a weapon in your hand when one wonders into those dark corners, alley ways. If you’ve e been anywhere then you know what I’m talking about, the ones where the snakes & piranhas swim & slither through the crowd. Somebody’s bound to get bit, somebody’s bound to die without hearing even a word without reading these sign of a hopeful tomorrow. That same somebody, always including myself, would still be bound in the chains of confusion that traps us all from seeing the true light. So if you don’t want to read His promises then turn on the radio since it doesn’t take a genius to see & hear the pain & suffering off the worldly chains of the smoke screen of drugs, sex, and rock & roll. They sing of fortune & fame yet wisdom tells us, the eye is never satisfied and the minds soul deep down inside is never truly happy. As Paul Harvey would say,” And that’s the rest of the story.”

The Hour is Getting Late

The Hour is Getting Late

I want to be a living stone being fit together by your spirit. Lord you show me so much I feel like taking this sword off my back equipping myself to battle for the kingdom. Even though I’m not yet manicured in perfect harmony with your plan I ‘ill wait and listen. Plan for me to be out there in the mix, for the fight is great. Plan me as the missing piece of the puzzle leading to your heart.

I plan an entire day for the Lord & still feel I don’t have enough teaching & revelation to advance forward onto the battlefield. To become the horse and rider that drinks on one knee calmly from the River of Life is your hearts desire. There forth my heart turns away from the call of the wild. Wild cards in some critic’s eyes but you see me as a red wild stallion sporting the white diamond of purity stamped between thy eyes.

This is for all who are weak all who aren’t taller than 42” inches, those who can’t even ride the roller coaster, just jump on my back & ride. Ride into the next dimension with the sword of the Spirit in hand. Ride into battle armed with passion & zeal for the Almighty, the God of War. The God of peace gives me peace of mind with a piece of His heart on the side for free. Free the captives with one wave of your mighty hand & crush thy enemies with a surrounding army of truth. Arm the children with new weapons of warfare & put an ear to the ground listening for God’s new sound. It’s a sound ol' so familiar with the Spiritual divas, spinners, twirlers & jam-a-ramas but still its fresh manna. It’s freedom proclaimed by the watchmen, it’s freedom that echoes off the forest tress before the battle even begins.

The tongue of power is loose & ready for a Spiritual tongue lashing as the demons flee while the Lord’s Spirit sings & prays through me. Yahweh’s new sound of glory will bring grown men to their knees, it will cause the blind to see, the notes of war in the Spirit bring forth peace in the natural. The soul & beat of the saints are marching with Judah while listening for the roar that makes the hairs stand upon the neck.

Next to me Angels cry Holy, next to them the adolescents dance upon injustice without the knowledge of the elders. The elders pray with the Spirit helping usher an unity, a generational connection that this earth have never experienced.

The scream of passion fill the atmosphere as the able line up 2*2 ready armed willing to lay down their cell phones & pick up the sword of the Spirit. The music calls out the young, for today is training day, train up a child in the way they should go & they won’t stray from it. Teach them to walk in the light to defeat the sins & addictions of the baby boomers & generation X. Ways & waves of chains, bondage, pains, & dirty snare of false ridicule. Now we are standing we are shaking & moving, moving & grooving under the lights.

For it’s time that deception is exposed & put to death, once and for all. The time line for how one should blossom as a Christian & enter into the ministry just expired. Take up our cross & walk, walk His way, walking under the lights. Walking in order to dispose of the darkness, the shadows in the alley & the kudzu viens of impurity. For Gods word goes out reaching the masses & flood’s the minds of all mankind. His words never come back void if you only voluntary travel to the 7 wonders of the earth.

Even the religious ones are shocked & surprised by the young zealous children.
What a movement!! Who’s really surprised this 5 foot & under army interceding & praying in other tongues? What magnificent army doesn’t rely on its toughest troops?
What brilliant generation wouldn’t utilize the giftings @ hand?

For only you Lord know all, see all, feel all, hear all, love all & defeat all our enemies. Lets team up with the angels of the light & the cloud of fire that consumes the night. For where do I go that I don’t know how to act, how to teach how to preach. The breathe of your spirit leads to the calm waters, down the path of righteousness. Stopping to look around armed & ready to fight, I kneel down to drink, drinking the waters of His light. Waters of Revelation flow from the pen; manna continues to drop out of the sky for me.

My faith causes my mountains to jump into the sea. Fiery darts fall at my side because His word says so, 1000 will fall @ my left hand & 10,000 @ my right side. Old school worship leaders lay down traditional styles beside me for all lay down something for the Kingdom. Laying beside self-ambitions to become an on ramp for others to follow on the superhighway of God’s newest generation. I pray we all become an it not a who, for who really cares what your credintials say. Even though @ times the Spirit is willing but the mind is weak.

There will come a day that the truth can’t be denied. It’s the great awaking, not the great bang theory, nor the great bank account statements. This ain't your fire bream stone message of the mission beating you over the head with a Bible sermon. It will be a true Revelatory action of wisdom, understanding that’s greater beyond the years of comprehension. It’s coming forth coming our way, coming to a town near you.

Let the music flow until His Holy warriors bring repentance & redemption. Let the sound barrier waves call forth the messengers flames of fire. Many are called but few are chosen. The seal on my forehead represents one of the chosen ones so press into His heart, His mind, His soul, & His unexplainable creation, so you will be stamped. Praying and assure you get the mark of Heaven not the mark of man. Mark my words destruction will again come upon the land due to all of our wickedness, so prepare.

No more hiding the women & the children but now is a time for them to take a stand. This is a season of the Lioness & great are the company of women who preach & teach the gospel. God’s plan is for the women & children to continue walking in wisdom & power of the Lord. Pray with me for a time is beckoning upon spectacular signs & wonders carried forth by the watchmen & circuit riders. All honor, all glory & power is yours.

Profiles of the not so rich ‘N” famous

Profiles of the not so rich ‘N” famous

The spirituality among people today is simply amazing regardless of their beliefs, place in life, and/or what their calling is despite appropriate actions. Tattoos, body piercings, clothes, places of travel, & all the way down to where we as individual choose our living destinations reflects our profile. Could a whirlwind stir inside and awaken the true call of being one with the real Spirit? Only if you believe then your hearts and eyes will be opened. David pinned facts, figures, truths, hopes, knowledge, & understanding of His God. As written in the Psalms, He gave thanks, for God changed rivers into deserts (middle east) water springs into thirsty ground, fruitful land into salt marsh b/c of the wickedness of its inhabitants. On the other hand the Holy one changed the desert into pools of water (Israel) they sowed fields & planted vineyards as they obtained a fruitful yield. He blessed them, which is us nowadays & they became many so did their cattle (bank accounts) to decrease. They then dwindled (drinking & peeing away everything) & brought low thru oppressions, afflictions, & sorrow. Then the Holy one lifted up the needy out of misery & made families numerous & healthy again. Who among us is wise enough to observe these things and to understand the favors of the King??

So tell me this, with all these fascinations w/ the Spiritual side of things why are we as a people wondering aimlessly searching for this, finding that, & losing everything we heard that week, month, or year? These days people are more concerned w/ creating a profile instead of letting Jehovah bring us out of the trenches & make us whole again. These modern day accounts are set up to show off, express our somewhat spiritual awareness & more importantly ourselves. Some of us display acts of kindness, goals of maybe one day if everything perfectly works out to be made whole.

What Ever, When Ever, Where Ever

What Ever, When Ever, Where Ever

What, what, what about this, what about that, what about me, what about too much sin around makes me unable to see
See what I mean, a sea of mess all around me.

Build a boat or ship & I’ll sail across this violent ocean or Mediterranean Sea just so I can find her.
Before I speak conventional wisdom tells me to seek before I knock, seek & I will find, seek 1st the Kingdom so I won’t be left behind.

So get behind me Satan for it’s a new day, an exciting way to sing & dance a new beat.
A new sound as Heaven opens it’s window fresh provisions will be found.
The elders pace around asking where is the new generation,
Where do the young kids go?

What, what …as the astonished look makes the mouths drop?
Hurry come quick the young have been seen
If you don’t come & look no one will ever understand what I mean.
The children are smiling, dancing, painting & soaking in Yahweh’s presence.
It’s the spirits flow we’ve been praying for this yet didn’t expect this

“Nothing quite like this”, was the report from the intelligence.
It’s a report like no other has ever seen, heard, or felt before
Time after time fault after fault sin after sin
The sin has been removed; this bizarre report from the media can’t be ignored.

Who started this, what ever you call it, this commitment, this new way of communion?
What gave them the idea to change 100-year-old structure & rules?
These 17 year old tattooed & pierced bodies are in rebellion, not to mention have not even been to the proper seminar schools.
How can they claim this is another fashion of intimacy with the Holy union?
Call in the old council
Send word for the committee,
They need to formally greet then meet.

Voices are stirring up in the atmosphere; the gossipers gave the Godly council an ear full.
Visitation of Angels & healings are spreading like wild fire
The dried up Pastor is sweating; he’s really feeling the heat.
The word of God never goes void the breath of God will clean out the skeletons in the closet by bringing Revelation to move your feet.
So riddle me this riddle me that, why is that young punk wearing inside God’s Holy building a hat?
Why is the 20 something old thugs preaching, teaching the good news in the middle of that dead end street?
Wow oh me, all these young people shinning for Jehovah puts some stagnate leaders back on the hot seat.
The bold courageous stand in the line of fire
Simply knowing what it takes to be like 10 foot tall & bullet proof.

Really isn’t the name of the game, free of the past free of shame they confess
God’s perfect laws was nailed to the churches roof
In order to help us out of our own mess

The Spirit in the Fight

The Spirit in the Fight

Lord I do what you want, I act upon what you say, I listen for your voice day in & day out. Night time is the same over and over even when it’s not the right time. You asked me to write unto you & pour out my heart so clean up the mess, mix your sons blood with mine. Some would say it’s not the size of the dog but the size of the fight in that dog young or old. I’m not admitting I’m scared to become a warrior for your Kingdom or even stand on the front lines taking the enemies wave of attacks for the weak in Spirit & in truth.

What I’m pointing out is a hard nock fact of life just like women on the front lines, God’s Samaria’s, & the prayer warrior who take the blow & punishment when the cancers try to arise, not to mention the wounds of society & rejections from even the church family. So why, why would anyone man, women, children alike want to attract this type of Spiritual warfare. It’s like a flashing sign saying Attention: All Devils I’m Here Take Your Best Shot. The Angels on High protect me yet the demons wait for me not to pray that week, have a weak moment, or even weak year. So the Angels cry out don’t become complacent for the sand is falling out of the hourglass.

Then boom, bang, hiss, & they try to attack his, her, and their bodies, families, wife, & kids. So as the Angels are dispatched for their assignments they chant, For the Spirit of God will cover them with a cloud by day & fire by night. So I don’t want to barter or try and make a deal with the most exalted in fear of not living up to my part or upsetting the one who has called me to battle. I will fight in the Spirit, in the flesh, without my pride for when the time arrives I won’t run to hide. I will fight because I’m passionate for the king to take back the territories. I will throw myself into the mix & help stir up the atmosphere for the poor, sick, & the abandoned children soldiers held in captive.

For your name is like honey on my lips, your Spirit is like H2O to my soul & your Word is a lamp into my feet. Therefore I press on towards the goal winning the prize with out suffering, without bodily sickness or disease. Exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you, one only needs to be still. Lord a random Bible page flicker doesn’t have to go too far in the Word to find. Deut. 1:30. The Lord your God who is going before you, will fight for you, as He did in Egypt, before your very eyes & in the desert. The Lord your God who went ahead of you on your journey, in fire by night & cloud by day to search out places for you to camp & show you the way you should go.

It would be a clique to think that warriors don’t cry, warriors don’t eventually die, & warriors don’t wash the feet of the King. After the water dries off the legs of the humble fighter even so gracefully the warrior bows down to kiss His ring. Nehemiah declared his own destiny that THE LORD WILL FIGHT FOR HIM. All you have to do is call I’ll coming running, spring, summer, winter, or fall.

The Word says he causes our fingers to war & our hands to fight!!!!!!

Should I stay or Should I go now…

Should I stay or Should I go now…

I’ve seen the ups and & downs of life including the views from the man chine on the hill all the way down to the un holy dirty ground. The ghetto is the only place for overachievers currently living, waiting on the next opportunity to make a break. As the peoples’ trash spreads all around only tells us we really don’t belong in that neighborhood, village, or run down part of town. How did it get that way? When did all the people give up AND NOT WANT TO EVER PRAY? Hope is not the four-letter word used today. Its pain of the people in the hood down played by their own talk. That talk has always been a song of a lack of faith of which I never can or could. Why does it have to be that way, despite feeling the peoples suffering I still want to stay. Can I stay for a while?

Should I stay or should I go now? Look at all the broken bricks & trash in the H2O would make any respectable person scream woo!! O man oh me the hurting people cry, please Mr. Christian don’t flee. Don’t go back to the country of flowing milk & honey. They have never desired your abilities, skills, or even talents, as we do. So then the human heart says to the mind of it’s own, Should I stay or should I go?

So much to see, so little to say even to the best friend who can’t hardly sense a greater awakening for the suffering people under the sun. Pollution & gray skies are really only “politico” issues that some would say makes the trip no fun. Since I always heard reality speaks louder than words, words with out the proper actions screams like the perro that sits back in the shade wagging his tail. Wait a minute what about the A-Negative type that seems to steadily run his mouth, just trying to live up to all the hype. Trouble me this, riddle me that just walking down the busy cities sidewalk with me. Strut your stuff as long as you got that look. Please just pull down that fly hat. The stares, smiles, & smells screams Peru till I die. Only the Lord truly knows and I’m not even trying to tell a lie. As the saint bows down to mother Mary the sinner claims he’s never even been a troublemaker. Only time will ever tell.

Saw her coming my way aging so knew I betta act strait , looking ahead & please O please Lord help me not to make another mistake. Twisted & turned ever which direction but north, North America, North Alabama, too much North face strutting around from town, head to toe. Put aside the word for a day, a year, or two where O where can a Christian still be found? As pieces of my heart float away down the river just like yesterday morals hitting ever rock in the way. Running, moving, shaking, so hard & fast almost forgot to even pray. Pray for me & I’ll pray for you was his last statement to her. After a week or two traveling international the question anises of Jdubville who? Out of sight out of mind is what they tell me unless the King places me, you, her, him, them overhear & not on her mind. So take me one more time deep into His Spirit, melting the soul. Going back to life’s upside downs, unstable issues & other people problems sometimes makes me want to dig a hole like a blind mole.



I pray I maintain balance and order in life. Grant me the wisdom to identify the two and apply them towards my well-being. Balance like a gymnast and order like a Supreme Court Justice. People in my life represent both, helping them make correct choices and rationalizing decisions through their spiritual knowledge. Order and balance carry over to my establishments and everyone surrounding them. Order and balance represents the Brooks Family and all of their offspring. All-important decisions are based upon these Holy ingredients.

So why, so why would you want anything else beside me

So why, so why would you want anything else anything beside me.

It’s me you want, it’s me you want to be around.
Why wouldn’t you want to be around?
I could yell, kick, fight judging by your behavior even sometimes scream with all my might.
That’s not me, it’s not me to hurt, to lie, or even expose your weaknesses, constantly hounding on your sin exposing only with His light.

So why don’t you run not walk to His temple
Making it a daily habit & things again in life will start transforming, hard times made simple.

When will you leave it all behind, when will you leave all those priceless/worthless things?
Meaningless makes me say make a means for me to be a vessel for people not worldly things.
So what you got is what you need, even if only for a minute or two
Only going up never going down use me use me all up till I’m old & thru

While I Sing My Love Song

While I Sing My Love Song

God is love
God is Love
In God’s love I can free the Nations
With God’s grace I can save the damned from hal-Nation

God’s Spirit is freedom
His Spirit longs for our freedom
In the future we are gonna need em

It’s an intimate & secret place
Because I finally found where I belong
Being with you while I look upon your face
He’s the only one who stops the bleeding of my heart
While I sing my love song

So what you looking at Anyways

So what you looking at Anyways

So why do you really want to travel to these faraway places.
Is it so you can be on the look out for new pretty faces?
Why do you walk & pace around back in forth?
I’ve seen that style yup I know that look; are you from the North?

So why are you always walking throughout the day & all night?
Is this training for taking a stand with preparation of the evil of the world to embrace with a Holy fight?
What makes you sit so still I can start to see where you’re heading even before you leave?
Perhaps we should bow down together to kneel
Always waiting to go higher & higher ascending up the Holy hill
All these preparation & mumbling of lips inorder to reach out a hand to heal.

When I come near you, you always start walking away.
The glow of your being is so, so inviting, I really just stopped by to say hey.
Read, read, read, study, study, study, well if they where sent out 2x2 are you looking for a buddy?

Seems lately your steadily glancing away at the stag & the glow of the light.
Musta have been the beat of the new Holy sound, sound waves bringing much delight.
I see you leaning back, closing your eyes.
I can see clearly now it’s a portal His Spirit always flies.

The critic claim its all about the lights, camera, action.
They must not have any dirty laundry needing a soaking birthing His satisfaction.

So I sit, sit, sit all daylong musta been the harmony sounds of His Angels singing His song.

It’s won’t be long now either you get in or get out.
His plan is that simple, it’s what His love is all about.
I once read and then saw a divine connection or two form.
Despite the fact it was cold outside I felt His breathe oh so warm.

Couldn’t see it perhaps too busy pouting feeling your calling & ministry is all but through.
1 slight gaze here another gaze over there
All the while they sing come down Jesus take us all out of this sphere.


Always wanting to speed up when you should slow down
Always needing to get back up after your trip falling down

This ain’t no spinal tap drill
If you want to tap into the Spirit you betta be clean

I still have stumbles & falls but here’s what I do…
I come running, kicking, crying, screaming jumping back into His presence
Not because I’m pulled back in by my ear
Because I want to be back, be back in His presence so I can hear.

When the Lights Go Out

Don’t you want to be held tight?

Held oh so closely tonight

What if we went on long walks together?

Would it make the pressure of our relationships lite as a feather?

Image holding hands on a cloudy rainy day

Watching ever slowly the sun kiss us by a smiling rainbow

Would you want it any other way?

Lets not get caught up in the hustle/bustle scenes

Misery of rushing things is really all it brings

Instead lets sail on His glory waves across the big blue sea

Watching the light dance of each other free

Glistering off our faces just 4 you and me

Built Tough

Built Tough

It takes time, Time, Time, Time aftertime when you are building a house. Do you go to the builder without a foundation and say I’m ready to move in quickly? Can you skip some steps in the process, rushing the procedures up so I can sit back relaxing while chilling in my new whirlpool hot tub? If you want your house to last, if you want your house to with stand against hurricane winds, tornadoes, hail, & storms? The wise man once said build the house step by step piece by piece, never hurrying never rushing, never skipping the order of importance. For when we rush perfection & force things on our own sets up for a perfect formula for having problems, issues, structural foundation cracks.

Reminds me of the parable how the wise man built his house upon the rock, the foolish man builds his house upon the sand. Times of trouble are when the leaders of tomorrow are being forged!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guess What the 1st Beatitudes says

Guess What the 1st Beatitudes says:

Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 6 tells us more in regards to giving to the needy not to act in order to be seen by men & not announce it with trumpets. For this is what hypocrites do to be honored by men & that is their reward. When giving doesn’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing so that giving may be done in secret. Then you’re Father who sees what’s done in secret, will reward you. Even with all that being said, Paul teaches us that1 Cor. 13:3 explains If I give all I posses, to the poor & surrender my body to the flames but have not love I gain nothing. What a powerful statement lines with passion of fire. The rich & Poor have one thing in common: The Lord is a maker of them all. No wait, the poor man & the oppressor have 2 in common; The Lord gives sight to the eyes of both & both ears to hear the Lords voice. A rich man may be wise in his own eyes, but a poor man who has discernment sees through him.

Prov.28 goes on to tells us it’s better for a poor man whose walk is blameless, than a rich man whose ways are reverse. He who gives to the poor will lack nothing but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses. Who really cares about the homeless, the Salvation Army organization, the Downtown Rescue Mission, gov’t project housing & 3rd world countries? Only the righteous care about justice for the poor but the wicked have no such concern says Gods word. James warns us regarding showing favoritism because of how someone dresses. Has God not chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith & to inherit the kingdom He promised those who love him. A perfect self-reflection question is one whose hands & clothes are dirty. Are they not equal in Christ to one whose designer’s threads & jewelry sparkle as they prance around? Can the rich truly inherit the Kingdom of God? In the parable the rich young man that Mathew mentions, if you want to be made whole go sell your possessions & give to the poor. Then you will have treasures in Heaven by follow Jesus. Jesus wanted this young dude to become richer than his wildest imagination. Knowing that this rich prince couldn’t do that, so He told his disciples it’s hard for the rich to enter the kingdom: it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom. Deuteronomy 15 freely lend to whatever he needs giving generously & doing so without a grudging heart, then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work & everything you put your hand to. There will always be poor people in the land.
Therefore I command you to open toward your brothers & towards the poor & needy in your land, is what my Bible says. What is the greatest sacrifice & gift to mankind? 2 Cor. 8:9 For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, so that you through His poverty might become rich. How amazing for a King & ruler overall the earth & heavens to belittle Himself, suffer, & give up a life of luxury in order to understand mankind. In doing so bless them with eternal life, the greatest wealth of all. Prov. 14:23 all hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. This is the ultimate lesson of implementing vs. planning. Prov 13:18 He who ignores discipline comes to poverty & shame but whoever heeds correction is honored. Lets make sense of the senseless. All His relatives how much more do his friends desert him since he has nothing to offer them Pro: 19:7 a poor man. Simple truth; the rich get richer & the poor get poorer but no man or women can take gold, silver, houses, cars, cash or rolled coins in round 2 of life.

Breeding Ground Grooming Fruit

Just as Athletes are trained & drugged around from sport to sport, gym to gym, greatness

just doesn’t happen over night, with simply a snap of a finger. Diligence, determination,

dedication, sacrifice, willingness, & hard work just to name a few are qualities in which

God pre-programmed in our conscience & souls. This was so that we may become

overachievers & become fulfilled with excellence. A young guitar players fingers blister

under the sun, a fired up zeal full pastors’ kid falls with the punches, a figure skater ices a

sprained ankle, a bull riders arm gets wrapped in slings, a young police man dodges

bullets so yet a 18year old marine who’s put on a front lines of conflict. Peewee footballs

players bandage up & re-bandage broken fingers & other bones, while minor league

pitchers ice arms regardless of the outcome on the field. Children walk & play in the

streets of Iraq, Afghanistan, & Israel one minute & then the next moment a bomb blows

off an arm or a leg. Is it survival of the fittest, lucky charma, or ordained poer of Jesus

that harm falls by the waste side of some people while others see & feel direct impact of

tragedy, disease, career injuries, & even death. Imagine Lord if all these people

mentioned had parents, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, or even friends praying over them

for success, for goodness to prevail in their lives over evil?? We could take it a step

further and say that the blood of the lamb surrounds all body parts, mind, soul, spirit.

What about praying ourselves that God would grant us the ability to heal the sick, for the

blind to see, for dreams, visions, & Godly encounters to be as common as drinking H20.

David was grounded in the wilderness watching & protecting them from dangers. Jesus

was preparing for 1000’s of years watching the Father, doing what the Father does &

speaking words of the Father for all to find grace. Thed hope that saves such a chaotic

world. Tiger Woods was breed to be a champion at an early age of 5. His farther prepped

him mentally as well as conditioned him physically to win and not lose, not only that but

to become the best at everything he put his mind into. Princes Nthough out time have

been mentored trained, in variety of languages, skills & education in order to prepare to

take the responsibility of the throne & give orders. Christians don’t just get the Christ in

their title over night. Prayer warriors don’t grow up with head starts & microphones in

place in their hands. Pastors don’t feed the 1000’s with meat with out spilling milk. Life

groups in churches can’t operate amongst each other without searching out the true life.

Paul was groomed & trained with hands on experience & life like applications. He was

taught, to preach, pray & walk in Glory just ah his mentor Jesus. Racehorses are groomed

but with a tract & clear path they can’t run the race set before the. Saloons & hair stylists

pick, groom, trim, & cut

A friend by your side

I don’t love this place this one stop town

I feel like a wet dog when you’re not around

If you’re not going to give me the key to your heart just unlock the door

Even when your not around I know where I can get some more.

As the still waters come & go

Lord your love endures forever

After seeing your Glory I’m goin need mo

When I come to meet you I know you won’t leave oh no never



Oh no never will I ever

As the still waters come and go

Lord your love endures forever

After seeing your Glory I’m going need mo


It feels so good to meet you in our secret place


It won’t be long to U take me out of this place

It feels so good just to have a friend by my side

It feels so good to have you Lord by my side

Lord what up what up what up

Lord what’s up with stale preaching? I’m saying now & forever I don’t ever want to be a boring & “dead” message deliver. If I’m not 110% living for all parts of your complexity; seeing healings, prophesy, anointed worship, & surrendering by the churches then I feel my words will fall to the ground without any meaning of desire for how mighty & powerful my God really is. I’m not the right one for just killing time in a service or just showing up in support of a pastor, friend, or even a commitment to a particular building. I want what I have seen before which is powerful women & men in the church experiencing God for themselves.

How awkward to be around the sitters, spectators, average preaching, & halfhearted Christians. On the other hand it does not make me feel so guilty when I only get 1 or 2 services and even none instead of 3 under my belt per week. I can remember my childhood days where it was a standard to attend this number of services every week. Come to think about it Lord watching your people not pray & praise full heartedly appears so much easier. These types of people seem to be making life’s journey just fine without the double work and exhaustion.

1 part time Christian – 1 part time friend of Jehovah + 1 full time employee – 1 half time father or mother = ½ right or ½ wrong. Depending on who’s asking & judging oh beautiful one. Wait a minute I know one week or 2 maybe got shuffled around, a little mixed match & they or I really felt your presence. I or them got it, really got it, the touch that night and/or day carrying it over to the next week and what a feeling… Talk about wild and satisfying ride. I don’t want a part time anything position or job.

I’m all in for my King who desires way more than that simple sacrifice. Who’s supposed to take the Jesus bandwagon & burn rubber thru & through every town leaving just a Holy Ghost smoke trail? I heard a stupid country song Lord state," I was willing but she wasn’t ready." Man oh man this could be turned around you have been ready God but hardly NO-ONE was willing/ready. Am I even ready & fully willing to continue crucify my fleshly desires day after day, week after week, month after month.

Misery strikes after one easy slip up, one past desire, one moment of not caring about your plan but only focusing on me again. Here it comes the fast times moment passing by, Ummmmm that familiar feeling again. Lord how I feel your pain the next day & even the day after. Oh Lord how I feel empty inside so, please doesn’t forget about me. Examine my heart God & remove everything that’s not of you. Show mercy on me God when I sin. I hate sin & don’t want to get further away yet instead move closer & closer to you again again day after day. What’s up God? One night & now I’m not worthy of your Holy Spirit, worthy of your voice in my head, mouth, my house, my car, or my work? Forgive me, I fear you God, I love your word, I love your prince, I love your angels, I love your H.S.’s light speed, I love your mercy & faithfulness.

I now know what to do in order to help prevent dead messages/teachings, worship services, and even how to breed fire from Heaven & breathe the fire to the depths of the soul. When leaders aren’t fired up and/or lack charisma, they in return are only dreaming their sheep will follow suite.

Again I cry where are all the circuit riders, the powerful intercessors, and the watchmen/women in the middle of the night?? Where oh where are the fire pokers Yahweh? Do the stand buyers out number the people who expect God to show up mighty night after night demonstrating His power, glory, & miracles. If the timid had a smell Lord I think it would be stinky. I want your sweet aromas found only in the anointing fragrance oils. Is this mentality wrong God? Are you really too busy to show up on a Monday night prayer & worship service? I don’t want my cup to be 1/2 empty but rather filled up with your Spirit. Fill me up and fill me up some more.

A friend by your side

I don’t love this place this one stop town

I feel like a wet dog when you’re not around

If you’re not going to give me the key to your heart just unlock the door

Even when your not around I know where I can get some more.

As the still waters come & go

Lord your love endures forever

After seeing your Glory I’m goin need mo

When I come to meet you I know you won’t leave oh no never



Oh no never will I ever

As the still waters come and go

Lord your love endures forever

After seeing your Glory I’m going need mo


It feels so good to meet you in our secret place


It won’t be long to U take me out of this place

It feels so good just to have a friend by my side

It feels so good to have you Lord by my side

A friend by your side

I don’t love this place this one stop town

I feel like a wet dog when you’re not around

If you’re not going to give me the key to your heart just unlock the door

Even when your not around I know where I can get some more.

As the still waters come & go

Lord your love endures forever

After seeing your Glory I’m goin need mo

When I come to meet you I know you won’t leave oh no never



Oh no never will I ever

As the still waters come and go

Lord your love endures forever

After seeing your Glory I’m going need mo


It feels so good to meet you in our secret place


It won’t be long ton take me out of this place

It feels so good just to have a friend by my side

It feels so good to have you Lord by my side

This is how we pray

And So We Pray

I want to float among the waves of your Spirit
I want to dance upon the clouds of your Glory
I want to swim in the river of your honey
I want to know that you are holding my heart

We pray that you unleash the warrior Spirit
So we pray Word of God speak
And as we assemble together we pray that our children will choose this day whom they will serve

I want to feel your heart beat next to mine
I want to see your Kingdom prevail in Israel
And I want to hear the trumpets sound from a far
I want to follow you just as the wise men followed the North Star

So we pray have mercy on us as you did your servant David
We pray send the Elijah anointing on us tonight
And we pray give us the wisdom & understanding of King Solomon
This is what we pray today

I want to change the world according to your plans
I want to play with the Angels in whom you made with your mighty hands
And I want to give you all the honor & praise
So we pray have your way Lord, have your way
And we pray that your presence dwelling upon the temple is here to stay
We pray that your wall of fire surrounds us today
This is what we pray, this is how we pray

Lets Walk

Halleluiah we are now where He abides, His temple is not made of hands. Hand the

baton over to me so I can run & not be weary, so that I may fly high without foreign

substances. His amazing grace sets the captives free for such a time as this, a time

to move forward with acceleration. Don’t look back, can’t look back, never gonna turn back as long as J.C. has my back. Re-energize my backbone, strengthen my neck &

spine while removing any arthritis or settlement of impurities. It’s only by His

sacrifice that we can overcome a recession or the next great depression. Hear the

trumpet of redemption blowing over & over, over faces tonight. Feel the weeping

sound of the guitar playing cuz He’s looking for the next guitar hero. Can you sense

the miraculous break through in the Spirit realm? Focus, close an eye, and open an

ear for His Spirit floats among the sound waves. H.S oh H.S. shine on shine, shine

soul shine for the dancers & hip hoppers. Send the Arc Angels to declare this month

December the month of he king. Ring the bells to attract the prancers. Flicker the

purple fading into blue, red & green lights of the stag for the tweekers to see the

first sign of the true light. Smell the thin cold air; it’s a sound of victory on

the spirit Realm. Bring forth those who can sense a great movement, who can see Him

suffering & hanging on the cross. Send forth the new recruits for the installation

process will begin soon. Therefore we prepare, preparing a banquet to feast upon.

Those who are called by His name arise & take your place. It’s a death to all &

birth to all should I live or should I die, die to myself, my evil ways ??

Connecting with Kinetic Energy

One of the most challenging issues with us as humans is trying to connect with the Superior Being & higher power. Not knowing where to go, how to engage & or what to say or even do. For the word of God says for my people parish for a lack of knowledge.

Even when we find a refuge of peace or a place that feels drenched with the Spirit, our bondage of sin entangles us. Our mind plays the same ol tricks on us, saying remember last time we where at a place like this? Nothing happened or only a momentary band-aid was placed over our soul. Shortly afterwards we fell guilty of how long it’s been since we last said a prayer, opened the Holy Knowledge, or gave God our time.

After wrestling with the above agony over and over and over again we start trying to forgive & forget ourselves as well as others. We open our mouths to only speak half a prayer mixed in with a running thought process of everything under the sun except Heaven.

So finally after much twisting & turning in our hearts as well as our spirits we realize we can’t pray.

Stud in the Mud

As Jesus said haven’t I hand picked you?
For they are watching, waiting, listening & willing
The elders are waiting and watching how are you going to handle the peer pressure.

Just as John gave up his voice not to be a who becoming an it
More of you and less of me
More of you and less of me cries the angels as the Demons flee
Fame is not fulfilling so sacrifice yourself & become willing
Make us blacksmiths Lord
So that we can help put weapons in the hands of your servants

Who’s that stud lying face down in the mud?
Who’s that stud whose face is down in the mud?
For it’s only by Your Spirit that you pick us up
Send us on our way
Pick us up and send us on our way

No longer will I prolong & wait
Day & Night I will meditate
The Word of God will medicate you
As you meditate on the Word of God then you will see

Favor & Honor & Blessing
We cry out for Favor, Honor, & Blessings
The Angels cry out for favor, honor, and blessings upon your people
Day & night I will meditate
As the word of God medicates

Peru 2009 part 2

Peru 2009

Traveling through Peru was one of the most exciting & exhilarating experiences I have ever partaken. As we went from destination to destination, I could not help but feel this is one of the dirtiest yet cleanest environments the naked eye has ever witnessed. Our bus ride went around snow-capped mountains that where surrounded by run off glacier colored shaded aqua & green water, tons of natural minerals, & rock formations that seemed to reach into the Heavens. As we traveled into the high country, I could not help but think how few Americans have driven this deep into Andes Mountains as we surpassed 13,000 feet altitude.

Along the windy roads of Peru we encountered llamas, el packas, & sheep grazing together, as if they where all dancing together in a silent dance. One way to tell the people’s hearts are ready for Christians to embrace them is how they wait patiently hour-by-hour & day-by-day for the buses, trucks, or carloads to arrive. Ever waiting patiently for us to make an inexpensive purchase as we pulled through their one stop town. It’s easy to understand how the Peruvian people, especially the Quacha Nation, can become scared & confused easily. Imagine living with out readily available stores, restaurants, hotels, lights, or even alarm clocks. The culture as a whole is very shy & a quite bunch of people, except when the get behind the wheel of a vehicle to drive.

Watching how the people of the city interact or lack of, posses the question, what really is the purpose of these people? What is the point of life? Hardly anyone in the countryside has what we would call a real job yet the hands of the people are never idle & they hardly are ever sitting still for long. Ecclesiastes 9:9 tells us that for this is your lot in life & in your toilsome labor under the sun. Whatever your hands find to do with all your might. The Peruvians & Pano Quacha people’s productivity as we know it in regards to making a living or even striving to advance their careers is nothing like in America. Instead this fascinating culture ‘s hands are busy knitting clothes for the winter nights, farming all day just to eat, or simply painting their dirty houses or places of business. Despite how cautious some the people seemed to be, after looking into their eyes & faces one can immediately feel the warmth of their heart. This warmth was the open door for our team to stay among a village of strangers. After showing a movie of Jesus, the story of Luke, in their language miles & miles away from electricity not only melted my heart but also opened the hearts of the villagers to receive the love of Jesus in which we brought half way across the world. There’s power in the cross & there is still power in His blood.

The next day we where welcomed & embraced not as outsiders but as family in Christ. Ivan Mader & myself spent majority of the workshop teaching the children the story of Jonah and the whale, coloring Biblical Pictures, & given them written materials, in which the Asbury church family helped make a dream of terry’s come alive. A few books are not that big of deal to us as Americans or even our children yet too a culture that doesn’t even has a written dialect, this is priceless. Just as God promises & the word of God is priceless to all mankind, anywhere, any time. I would recommend this trip to anyone who is interested in a culture of forgotten dialects & hidden dreams. This trip is perfect for all geography lovers, the scientific mindsets, the adventuress type, or individuals looking to impact a culture for generations to come.

Looking back on this life changing mission trip I can’t help but feel this scripture applies.

I Thessalonians 4:11

Make it your ambition to lead a quite life to mind your hands, just as Paul told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders & so that you will not be dependant on anything

Watchmen & Watchwomen

Send watchmen day & night
Rise up out of the depths to pray & fight
Fight for the right to take back our city
Teach us how to pray for the children, God’s itty-bitty

Who will stand upon the Holy wall
Who will rise up in prayer with fire for all
Who will lie down on their face
Who will circle around this town to ensure His presence falls upon this place

After seeing the promises of His Word
Praying for anything else would be absurd
As the faithful watchmen pace step by step
The sounds of Heaven ascend & descend becoming His fingerprint & footstep

Let the tears roll down let them roll let em roll
As the prayer warrior sees another saved soul
The Kingdom is at hand it’s here for the taken
Praying with His Spirit the strongholds & dominions become weakened

As the music leads our prayers through out this Nation
The whirlwind of His Glory is sailing from continent to continent across the vast ocean
As the cripple rise and stand over injustices of their past
The blind was instantly able to see the light fast
So call the media & display the numerous miracles on the broadcast

Death is in The Eye of the Beholder

Oh me oh my soul breaks as I walk thru cool springs mall & evaluate the new school product lines, Lord. Shirt after shirt, for guys, is full of death, evil around ever corner, & destruction. Design after design is filled from top to bottom with evil faces & darkness hiding in the shadows. There wasn’t a shirt with out a skull or a snake, mostly both. People are walking around with the wrong message even Christians who can’t see the significances are blinded by the hidden symbols. This is a day in age of busy shirts, symbols, & writings of being cool means looking bad. My prayer Lord is that you open this younger generation eyes, let the Parents see the evil of hear no evil see no evil mentality is not the truth. For the truth will set the captives free so as I sacrifice my time & advance forward with product lines, you have shown me. I stop and pray for the Christians Nations will all go on a shopping spree for your gear. As the Angels sing & pray, they cry out O death where is your sting?

It takes faith to see life & death day after day but what does it take to see life after death? The blind will see with J.C 3 and the deaf will hear the calling for a cleaner tomorrow. God’s Glory is on tour on the skies catch a glimpse, He crafted an exhibit across the horizon for all to enjoy.

Madame Day holds classes every morning, Professor Night lectures each evening. Those who drawl death their words aren’t heard their voices aren’t recorded. Their silence fills the earth, unspoken truths is spoken everywhere. See those people polishing their chariots & the others grooming their horses? But we are making garlands for Yahweh our God. The chariots will rust, those horses will eventually pull up lame, we’ll be on our feet, standing tall. It's all because Yahweh smiles upon my symbols & drawings of life giving hope to all.

Assignments of the Willing & Able

There’s nothing we can do ourselves it’s your righteousness that we stand upon I order to do your will. For it is written if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what he does not have.

As the Angels sing out be careful of what you see be careful of what you hear. Be carefull of what you say. For if one is willing yet remain tainted they can become a Cane without an Able. So guard your heart, standby guarding the gateways for the portals of Heaven is willing & able to open a window of Revelation upon this new generation.

For the wise have spoken quoting for if he willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has not according to what one he she doesn’t have. So become empowered by the Spirit in order to fulfill the tasks @ hand. This will ensure that His Spirit advances forward. Look for the caution light that flashes in front of us saying, watch & pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The Spirit is willing but the body is weak.

Defenders of Robin Hood

Defend the poor and the FEARLESS
Do justice for the afflicted and the needy

Deliver the poor and needy rid them out of the hand of the wicked O God

Oh let not the oppressed return ashamed
Let the poor and needy praise thy name

For the great one shall deliver the needy when they cry out
Getting ahead in life isn’t what’s all about
He shall spare the poor & needy though out the world
He shall save the souls of the needy

The poor man & the oppressor only have this in common
For the Lord gives sight to the eyes of both & ears to hear the voice of the Lord
What will you do with your gifts?

Los defensores de Robin Hood

Defiende a los pobres y la FEARLESS
Hacer a justicia para los afectados y a los necesitados

Entregar los pobre y necesitado les deshacerse de la mano de los inicuos Oh Dios

Ah que no el retorno oprimido avergonzado
Deje que los elogios pobres y necesitados de tu nombre

Para el gran uno deberá entregar los necesitados cuando ellos gritar
Salir adelante en la vida no es lo que es todo acerca de
Él será repuesto los pobres y necesitados, aunque fuera el mundo
Que deberá salvar las almas de los necesitados

El pobre hombre & el opresor sólo tienen esto en común
Para el señor da vista a los ojos de ambos & oídos para escuchar la voz del Señor
¿Qué hará usted con sus regalos?

Dream Weaver

His dream language moves in all
Dreams of destiny are inspiring
They charge our faith to soar to new levels
For He is the ancient of days showing our mind how not to fall

O Ancient of Days
My Lord give your people greater understanding
Hear the sound of a greater preparation
Know the sound for a greater awakening

More & more & more of you O’ Ancient of Days

Awaken; awaken us to the greater understanding
Awaken for a greater time is coming awaken is what our hearts cry
Have your way master weaver have your way

O most powerful one we as Americans repent for lacking discernment & discretion in the area of worldly entertainment

All Revelation that Yahweh releases is pure because He is pure
We as your people cry out we the people need a pure Life Revolution

There is nothing more productive than the raising up of dreamer
For those who empower & unleash the army of dreamer
Have the mandate of Kingdom economics
In the book of Joel, God promises that He will visit His people with dreams &visions
For those hungry souls willing to go forth & do what it takes to prepare your mind, spirit, & soul get ready
He is unveiling a subculture for Revelation to become a dream weaver & a visionary seers society.

Fat Cat

Fat Cat

Does the wind blow any different if there isn’t a whirl behind it? Is a fat cat happy because they already digested the rat race & now is napping in the sun? Is the Son of God felt even on the darkest of evenings? Is standing when everyone is sitting & sitting when everyone is standing make one an outcast? Would a lover of souls ever quite trying to reach the unlovable b/c of the broken bricks in the wall. Is poetry & philosophy even on the minds of a generation of loud music, flashing lights, & an ever changing day to day society that’s among us in today’s generation. If Christ’s isn’t mentioned in school or the pledge of allegiance, will the next elders really ever know the original words that so many died to hear chanted in unison. Is softly played music meant to slow the fast pacers of life down to breath or counter act the fast pacers sound for a perfect blend of balance. Is staying in solitude around a group of soakers really a loner after all?? Is training by mentors & leading by example the only single chance of success this selfish generation really has to go onto the next level supernaturally? Is there ever an end to these questions of endless cycles, the games, the countless pursuits of everything = nothing to a nobody resulting in this person mentality that’s hated or threatened by men. Is there a perfect formula Lord, 4 favor with men or does all favor fall from the throne room? Have we really stopped & asked ourselves why men look down upon those with piercing, tattoos, & wearing all black t-shirts to events & then turn a round immediately start talking about the other ones wearing a black tie affair. They must be the prideful ones who mention in Proverb; can’t all be well suited for the church job of a humble servant right??

For What Teacher Has Not A Student & For What Student Has Not A Teacher

For What Teacher Has Not A Student & For What Student Has Not A Teacher

We are a city for your dwelling place, we are we are. We are a city no longer deserted. For a student never takes away but only adds to the master’s plan. For the master only wants to add never take away from the student the training sessions, learning, mentoring, counseling, & even discipline. For your words tells us what father does not discipline those who He loves. The students zeal makes for a wild ride, meanwhile the teacher cannot help but smile. Seeing that the students ride has taken us all around this loopy loop once or twice. The Master will never abandon us despite the harsh truth that the student, sometimes acts like a leaf in the wind. Free us not free bird & especially not a free spirit in the wind, never again. Train a child, friend, or neighbor in the way they should go and never will they forsake their unshakable ground. Give us rain & sunshine since both parties can grow & learn from al things, all things that come from the Lord. Can a student even begin to fathom that it’s better 1 day in your courts than 1000’s elsewhere, if he has not experience both spectrums of the coin?

Peru 2009

God working thru People of Peru

Some of us are cold
Some of us are ripe & old
While the rest are hungry
We are hungry for the Spirit of the Lord

One more day never felt this way
Tell my father, send word to my mother
The Lord is with this mighty warrior
Here we go over the jagged mountains so please pray

Dirty faces in the countryside
Looks exactly the same in other places
Messy ground that the scared once lived
Day after day another cold winter year
If you could only see the Periuan people faces shiver

Tomorrow is never guaranteed
Either is all the manual labor just to plant a seed
A rich man paces around his castle drinking without rest
While the simple & pure hearted pondered to God if they will ever be like the American who’s blessed

Watching you watch me passing
Thoughts of will the Lord’s work ever be truly everlasting
Unfamiliar terrain & providences fades into another Andes village

Can’t figure the people’s purpose in life
Can’t understand how most of the work is done the wife
Lord do a great work & have your will
I pray for Revelation for the Quecha people for no longer will they be scared of the cemetery on the hill

Busy hands always working
Busy legs always moving
Where O where Lord is the advancement
How can their society evolve without a hint?
A hint of who died for their sin
That the Lord almighty took the form of men

Gazing deep into the Milky Way
No rocket science or atheists can deny
One moment on any unknown day the Lords horsemen will fly
Spirit of God sweeps thru this valley & around another tall hill
Smiles of God’s children bring a tear to my eye
No one alive can deny

Her Hair Flows like Dark Satins

Her Hair Flows like Dark Satins

I love the way the light hits your face
The gentle breeze brushing thru your hair
How the sweet, sweet melody takes me their
It’s a bedtime story
Standing next to you in His Glory

The body motion of an Angel
Will soon set a flight
The look as she passes by
Only God knows it propels my soul like a kite
Another nigh with out her in my arms
Makes my inner spirit man sigh

So take me by the hand & dance
Dance with me all day & thru the night
So then let the wind of His Spirit b low upon His word
So that that wind will fan without a fight
The flames of God’s fire burn in our hearts forever.

Even when the music fades away
Dwelling together in the Lords presence
Neither one of us will stray
Just as ash to ash dust is to dust
His Glory orchestrates our love