Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Power of Music & Prayer

Pray this, we pray that, we pray earlier in the break of dawn, & we pray late into the night for the break thrus to break on through. We pray till the bondage is broken, until the chains of sin in which has held us for hostage for so long don’t have dominion over us, the body of Christ. Glory to Jesus the lamb that was saved, joy to the Nations, let Jesus reign on the throne room. For your word states clearly the wolf & the lamb will worship to find refuge together. This is only possible thru the power of the cross, Revelation from Heaven, & Prophesy falling upon Gods 4-5 star generals to pass to the generations.

Music provides a beat to pray & allows us to tap into Gods heartbeat. Music & prayer energizes Heaven, it fulfills the earth, & magnifies people to seek Gods face. It’s a portal to feel Gods graced, mercy, Revelation of the past, present, & future. One cannot deny oneself when they participate in wholehearted worship & prayer. Music & prayer changes the atmosphere, it prepares the way. Preparing the way for angelic appearances, prepares for visions & dreams, & prepares the way for a clearer mind to feel & hear Him. For Gods work to be done as well as transform the person, church, group, organization.

It’s powerful, it’s contagious, it’s Holy& pure, it’s satisfies the soul. It soothes the mind, body, & heart to continue forward for God’s destiny & purpose. It washes us in the blood of the lamb, just like a blood transfusion. It’s the constant fire on the alter; the Lord clearly speaks of in His word. It rewires the watchmen/watchwomen on the wall to have the passion to continuing interceding for the strangers in the hall. It humbles us all, which helps bring us closer to the throne room. It prepares us for the day, tomorrow, & a lifetime of Holy pursuit. Don’t take my word, just try it and see.

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