Thursday, December 16, 2010

So I ask

So I Ask...

So I ask let me walk into situations w/out preparation.
So I ask hand me the file right before I enter the roundtable discuss.
So I ask book my flight & when I arrive I will be able to deliver the right message.
So I ask put me in the rotation, adding me to the schedule & watch me perform.
So I ask if I’m busy make the arrangements & I won’t let you down.
So I ask of nothing in return for all the goodness I show.
So I ask to be 1st yet accepting finishing last b/c I helped a friend find the way.
So I ask judge not my actions or fault rather the purity of my heat.
So I ask after self-evaluation who am I & where exactly have I been taking myself lately?
So I ask will I ever become the man my father & mother hope & expect?
So I ask will I ever become the husband that remains best friends with my wife?
So I ask will I train up a child in the way they should not departing from righteousness?
So I ask what it takes for my parents to become answered?
So I ask what exactly am I willing to sacrifice for the greater good of mankind?
So I ask will I have to stand alone in times of needs and trouble?
So I ask if I vanish for a year or even two would my absence become remotely noticed?
So I ask if I had to do it all over again would I turn out the same person you use to know?
So I ask if I did exchange old ways for what they say is a better day would I be heretoday
So I ask what is the value of a soul truly worth on the black market?
So I ask if I discovered the fountain of youth would I sell it or simply give it away?
So I ask is not my house right with God?
So I ask has He not made an everlasting covenant with me arranging every piece & part?
So I ask will He not bring to fruition my salvation & grant me every promise and desire?
So I ask give me the Nations as your inheritance?
So I ask please answer me when I call out?
So I ask give me relief from my distress.
So I ask please be merciful to me and hear my prayers.
So I ask since I have already ask don’t you think the Lord will answer when I call?
So I ask how much do you really expect from me, b/c somewhere deep down inside I feel I can somehow give so much more, so much mo.

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