Thursday, December 16, 2010

What has more Temptation? The Eyes, the Mind, or the Ears…

The eye is never satisfied and the traveling ears never seems to hear exactly what it wants Once the cloudy polluted mind finally opens up it causes my ears to explode hearing nothing but your goodness. Since my eyes have finally seen the truth, I can fly like I use to fly. My soul can once again fly with freedom from my eyes escaping my minds hearing those forgotten lines.

A wise man once there is only one set of eyes that truly watches over the ways of the righteousness. City after city, town after town my mind races over and over those dirty streets. What will I see next? My ears are in serious need of a rhythm that can capture all three into another time and space. How can the eyes forget what it’s seen? How can old forgotten memories remain buried when my ears have heard the sounds of my destiny bell ringing?

The good news says,” offer your body as a living sacrifice” for all the music lovers in the house, this is your spiritual act of worship. It’s your own way of breaking it down, style of dance, and singing. So express out loud without becoming conforming to the pattern of this world but become transformed by the renewing of your mind.

The habits of the familiarity steps led to a tortured soul once you have seen and heard the real deal Christ-Holderfield. All 3 become one in His presence, all 3 are ole so slightly adjusted becoming more welcoming to the Trinity to come close. Because Heaven just spoke with all His Glory, God poured all over the intercessor, the God chaser, the seer, and the seeker. Temptation it’s @ every corner looming on the city streets during the midnight hours. Good advise might say turn the wrong eye blindly to her ways and you know what I’m talking about those seductive waves of dancing moves. The mind of Christ probably would instruct the crooked mindset to simply be still and listen for a new state of mind. The ears most likely would say watch out for Peter when he has a sword in his hand. Listen to the small voice and sounds during the worship. For there will be a day when the 3 are 1.

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