Thursday, April 8, 2010

Write to get Right

Why DO U Write They Say…………

Would it drive you crazy answering a question with a question? Why would anyone ever even dream of writing to an audience of one? Who in there right mind would want to waste an entire work day giving up worldly wealth to gain Spiritual knowledge? Where O where on earth would one attempt to try and write God’s heart & plan for total strangers unless dwelling in His secret place!!

When will the words on the paper transform to life? A million thoughts flooding our minds these days, how can anyone wait quietly and patiently for a word for someone, an action plan for a friend, or even an acquaintance? How then can we start living Word-by-Word flowing from His Word piece-by -piece until His masterpiece is composed?

I write for those who love dank more their own callings encouraging them we can put down the glass piece for exchange of a piece of God’s Kingdom, a piece of God’s Heart.

I write for the bar rats that carry bags of sunshine in their 3 piece suits and/or tucked under their visors, t-shirts, and sandals.

I write for the gangsters of one-night stands & the unlovable mean drunks.

I write to get right, words that burn not just burn for a day, or even burn another one down but to burn for Him on the alter. Burning off my flesh one sentence @ time not one line at a time. So if you want to feel & live His fire I suggest you forget the 5th rocket pocket & grab a pocket Bible reading to gain the real fire, line after line.

I pen now because I’m marked not with a bullet hole target or a check by my name on the chalk board, rather stamped by His seal on His left ring finger. Maybe that’s what Ol’ Stevie Wonder meant to say before he forgot his life’s calling,” signed, sealed, delivered, I’m your yours.”

So as my broken, confused, messed up life once was and now isn’t .I will waste ink, paper, & time all day rather than my once wasted all night life. So I pray before I write, I read before I pray, & try only to pen what He tells me to write. Despite the fact I have 2 arms and 2 hands, left arm SLIGHTYLY STRAYS, Almighty’s right hand is rooted and grounding me by His Word insuring my right hand never runs astray.

I write for others so that one day I might be trusted. I share with friends so that their lives can reach their divine purpose & helping fulfill their dreams and destinies.

I write for sanctification & redemption of the child molesters and the Ruthy dropping college Fraternity kids.

I write in order to give His hope & love to the Sororities sisters who instead of giving life to a child of God called the coat hanger dumpster doctor to fix that drunken mistake.

I write so that people can see it’s not me, but His desire is to write your name in the Book of Eternal life, no matter the hazard, game, or crime committed.

I write so that His freedom can Reign.

I write in order for you to see the father calls you His friend.

I write because we have all fallen short of the Glory of God yet His grace and His forgiveness causes abounding love to all while His mercy forgets and saves. He is might to save are you mighty enough to turn away from the boys and girls gone wild DVD lifestyle so that your soul can be forever saved.

I write for those people who are constantly in pain throughout their body.

I write for those who don’t have access to cell phones; never hearing the ring tone of His calling.

I write and passionately fight for the poor and those who are over extended themselves in debt up to their eyeballs praying they don’t foreclosure loosing everything.

I write so that some day you can be used mightily becoming one of His voices.

The nay sayers boast,” why would you waste so much paper & ink since most people won’t take the time to read material if it’s not found by Googles search engine or gossip columns carefully placed in grocery store lines.” The great one has been called since the ages, “Author, Creator, and the Finisher” willing to whisper to anyone who will listen. The pen is still mightier than the Sword. If you only believe His words, His Word will always be sharper than any two edged sword.

So why do I waste the Monday away reading what He wrote just for me, just for you, setting our jailed Spirits free? I write because it seems these days you need a weapon in your hand when one wonders into those dark corners, alley ways. If you’ve e been anywhere then you know what I’m talking about, the ones where the snakes & piranhas swim & slither through the crowd. Somebody’s bound to get bit, somebody’s bound to die without hearing even a word without reading these sign of a hopeful tomorrow. That same somebody, always including myself, would still be bound in the chains of confusion that traps us all from seeing the true light. So if you don’t want to read His promises then turn on the radio since it doesn’t take a genius to see & hear the pain & suffering off the worldly chains of the smoke screen of drugs, sex, and rock & roll. They sing of fortune & fame yet wisdom tells us, the eye is never satisfied and the minds soul deep down inside is never truly happy. As Paul Harvey would say,” And that’s the rest of the story.”


  1. Simply Amazing.
    These words in which you have spoken reveal Gods heart.
    We are called to his people!
    Love love love it!

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