Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Breeding Ground Grooming Fruit

Just as Athletes are trained & drugged around from sport to sport, gym to gym, greatness

just doesn’t happen over night, with simply a snap of a finger. Diligence, determination,

dedication, sacrifice, willingness, & hard work just to name a few are qualities in which

God pre-programmed in our conscience & souls. This was so that we may become

overachievers & become fulfilled with excellence. A young guitar players fingers blister

under the sun, a fired up zeal full pastors’ kid falls with the punches, a figure skater ices a

sprained ankle, a bull riders arm gets wrapped in slings, a young police man dodges

bullets so yet a 18year old marine who’s put on a front lines of conflict. Peewee footballs

players bandage up & re-bandage broken fingers & other bones, while minor league

pitchers ice arms regardless of the outcome on the field. Children walk & play in the

streets of Iraq, Afghanistan, & Israel one minute & then the next moment a bomb blows

off an arm or a leg. Is it survival of the fittest, lucky charma, or ordained poer of Jesus

that harm falls by the waste side of some people while others see & feel direct impact of

tragedy, disease, career injuries, & even death. Imagine Lord if all these people

mentioned had parents, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, or even friends praying over them

for success, for goodness to prevail in their lives over evil?? We could take it a step

further and say that the blood of the lamb surrounds all body parts, mind, soul, spirit.

What about praying ourselves that God would grant us the ability to heal the sick, for the

blind to see, for dreams, visions, & Godly encounters to be as common as drinking H20.

David was grounded in the wilderness watching & protecting them from dangers. Jesus

was preparing for 1000’s of years watching the Father, doing what the Father does &

speaking words of the Father for all to find grace. Thed hope that saves such a chaotic

world. Tiger Woods was breed to be a champion at an early age of 5. His farther prepped

him mentally as well as conditioned him physically to win and not lose, not only that but

to become the best at everything he put his mind into. Princes Nthough out time have

been mentored trained, in variety of languages, skills & education in order to prepare to

take the responsibility of the throne & give orders. Christians don’t just get the Christ in

their title over night. Prayer warriors don’t grow up with head starts & microphones in

place in their hands. Pastors don’t feed the 1000’s with meat with out spilling milk. Life

groups in churches can’t operate amongst each other without searching out the true life.

Paul was groomed & trained with hands on experience & life like applications. He was

taught, to preach, pray & walk in Glory just ah his mentor Jesus. Racehorses are groomed

but with a tract & clear path they can’t run the race set before the. Saloons & hair stylists

pick, groom, trim, & cut

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