Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Spirit in the Fight

The Spirit in the Fight

Lord I do what you want, I act upon what you say, I listen for your voice day in & day out. Night time is the same over and over even when it’s not the right time. You asked me to write unto you & pour out my heart so clean up the mess, mix your sons blood with mine. Some would say it’s not the size of the dog but the size of the fight in that dog young or old. I’m not admitting I’m scared to become a warrior for your Kingdom or even stand on the front lines taking the enemies wave of attacks for the weak in Spirit & in truth.

What I’m pointing out is a hard nock fact of life just like women on the front lines, God’s Samaria’s, & the prayer warrior who take the blow & punishment when the cancers try to arise, not to mention the wounds of society & rejections from even the church family. So why, why would anyone man, women, children alike want to attract this type of Spiritual warfare. It’s like a flashing sign saying Attention: All Devils I’m Here Take Your Best Shot. The Angels on High protect me yet the demons wait for me not to pray that week, have a weak moment, or even weak year. So the Angels cry out don’t become complacent for the sand is falling out of the hourglass.

Then boom, bang, hiss, & they try to attack his, her, and their bodies, families, wife, & kids. So as the Angels are dispatched for their assignments they chant, For the Spirit of God will cover them with a cloud by day & fire by night. So I don’t want to barter or try and make a deal with the most exalted in fear of not living up to my part or upsetting the one who has called me to battle. I will fight in the Spirit, in the flesh, without my pride for when the time arrives I won’t run to hide. I will fight because I’m passionate for the king to take back the territories. I will throw myself into the mix & help stir up the atmosphere for the poor, sick, & the abandoned children soldiers held in captive.

For your name is like honey on my lips, your Spirit is like H2O to my soul & your Word is a lamp into my feet. Therefore I press on towards the goal winning the prize with out suffering, without bodily sickness or disease. Exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you, one only needs to be still. Lord a random Bible page flicker doesn’t have to go too far in the Word to find. Deut. 1:30. The Lord your God who is going before you, will fight for you, as He did in Egypt, before your very eyes & in the desert. The Lord your God who went ahead of you on your journey, in fire by night & cloud by day to search out places for you to camp & show you the way you should go.

It would be a clique to think that warriors don’t cry, warriors don’t eventually die, & warriors don’t wash the feet of the King. After the water dries off the legs of the humble fighter even so gracefully the warrior bows down to kiss His ring. Nehemiah declared his own destiny that THE LORD WILL FIGHT FOR HIM. All you have to do is call I’ll coming running, spring, summer, winter, or fall.

The Word says he causes our fingers to war & our hands to fight!!!!!!

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