Thursday, April 8, 2010

Should I stay or Should I go now…

Should I stay or Should I go now…

I’ve seen the ups and & downs of life including the views from the man chine on the hill all the way down to the un holy dirty ground. The ghetto is the only place for overachievers currently living, waiting on the next opportunity to make a break. As the peoples’ trash spreads all around only tells us we really don’t belong in that neighborhood, village, or run down part of town. How did it get that way? When did all the people give up AND NOT WANT TO EVER PRAY? Hope is not the four-letter word used today. Its pain of the people in the hood down played by their own talk. That talk has always been a song of a lack of faith of which I never can or could. Why does it have to be that way, despite feeling the peoples suffering I still want to stay. Can I stay for a while?

Should I stay or should I go now? Look at all the broken bricks & trash in the H2O would make any respectable person scream woo!! O man oh me the hurting people cry, please Mr. Christian don’t flee. Don’t go back to the country of flowing milk & honey. They have never desired your abilities, skills, or even talents, as we do. So then the human heart says to the mind of it’s own, Should I stay or should I go?

So much to see, so little to say even to the best friend who can’t hardly sense a greater awakening for the suffering people under the sun. Pollution & gray skies are really only “politico” issues that some would say makes the trip no fun. Since I always heard reality speaks louder than words, words with out the proper actions screams like the perro that sits back in the shade wagging his tail. Wait a minute what about the A-Negative type that seems to steadily run his mouth, just trying to live up to all the hype. Trouble me this, riddle me that just walking down the busy cities sidewalk with me. Strut your stuff as long as you got that look. Please just pull down that fly hat. The stares, smiles, & smells screams Peru till I die. Only the Lord truly knows and I’m not even trying to tell a lie. As the saint bows down to mother Mary the sinner claims he’s never even been a troublemaker. Only time will ever tell.

Saw her coming my way aging so knew I betta act strait , looking ahead & please O please Lord help me not to make another mistake. Twisted & turned ever which direction but north, North America, North Alabama, too much North face strutting around from town, head to toe. Put aside the word for a day, a year, or two where O where can a Christian still be found? As pieces of my heart float away down the river just like yesterday morals hitting ever rock in the way. Running, moving, shaking, so hard & fast almost forgot to even pray. Pray for me & I’ll pray for you was his last statement to her. After a week or two traveling international the question anises of Jdubville who? Out of sight out of mind is what they tell me unless the King places me, you, her, him, them overhear & not on her mind. So take me one more time deep into His Spirit, melting the soul. Going back to life’s upside downs, unstable issues & other people problems sometimes makes me want to dig a hole like a blind mole.

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