Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wave the Mighty Hand

Wave the Mighty Hand

The sound of Heaven clashes symbols
The sound of saints voices move mightily
His hand gently moves and all of nature stops
Stop what you are doing and raise a voice with me

As Natural turns into Supernatural
Trumpets sound and dynamics cry out
Send Angels to battle for me
Wave your mighty hand for the whole world to see

Sitting here alone makes me so vulnerable
Standing next to you helps me become filled with boldness
Fill me up so I can fight for your name
Never for my own fame.

My head weighs all the trouble
My eyes want to weep but cannot see
My heart feels your love & mercy
You say the anointing is strong so embrace & don’t wait

Take him by the rob to become healed
Grab a hold of His promises
Walking side by side as the future is revealed

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