Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Watchmen & Watchwomen

Send watchmen day & night
Rise up out of the depths to pray & fight
Fight for the right to take back our city
Teach us how to pray for the children, God’s itty-bitty

Who will stand upon the Holy wall
Who will rise up in prayer with fire for all
Who will lie down on their face
Who will circle around this town to ensure His presence falls upon this place

After seeing the promises of His Word
Praying for anything else would be absurd
As the faithful watchmen pace step by step
The sounds of Heaven ascend & descend becoming His fingerprint & footstep

Let the tears roll down let them roll let em roll
As the prayer warrior sees another saved soul
The Kingdom is at hand it’s here for the taken
Praying with His Spirit the strongholds & dominions become weakened

As the music leads our prayers through out this Nation
The whirlwind of His Glory is sailing from continent to continent across the vast ocean
As the cripple rise and stand over injustices of their past
The blind was instantly able to see the light fast
So call the media & display the numerous miracles on the broadcast

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