Thursday, April 8, 2010

So why, so why would you want anything else beside me

So why, so why would you want anything else anything beside me.

It’s me you want, it’s me you want to be around.
Why wouldn’t you want to be around?
I could yell, kick, fight judging by your behavior even sometimes scream with all my might.
That’s not me, it’s not me to hurt, to lie, or even expose your weaknesses, constantly hounding on your sin exposing only with His light.

So why don’t you run not walk to His temple
Making it a daily habit & things again in life will start transforming, hard times made simple.

When will you leave it all behind, when will you leave all those priceless/worthless things?
Meaningless makes me say make a means for me to be a vessel for people not worldly things.
So what you got is what you need, even if only for a minute or two
Only going up never going down use me use me all up till I’m old & thru

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