Thursday, April 8, 2010

So what you looking at Anyways

So what you looking at Anyways

So why do you really want to travel to these faraway places.
Is it so you can be on the look out for new pretty faces?
Why do you walk & pace around back in forth?
I’ve seen that style yup I know that look; are you from the North?

So why are you always walking throughout the day & all night?
Is this training for taking a stand with preparation of the evil of the world to embrace with a Holy fight?
What makes you sit so still I can start to see where you’re heading even before you leave?
Perhaps we should bow down together to kneel
Always waiting to go higher & higher ascending up the Holy hill
All these preparation & mumbling of lips inorder to reach out a hand to heal.

When I come near you, you always start walking away.
The glow of your being is so, so inviting, I really just stopped by to say hey.
Read, read, read, study, study, study, well if they where sent out 2x2 are you looking for a buddy?

Seems lately your steadily glancing away at the stag & the glow of the light.
Musta have been the beat of the new Holy sound, sound waves bringing much delight.
I see you leaning back, closing your eyes.
I can see clearly now it’s a portal His Spirit always flies.

The critic claim its all about the lights, camera, action.
They must not have any dirty laundry needing a soaking birthing His satisfaction.

So I sit, sit, sit all daylong musta been the harmony sounds of His Angels singing His song.

It’s won’t be long now either you get in or get out.
His plan is that simple, it’s what His love is all about.
I once read and then saw a divine connection or two form.
Despite the fact it was cold outside I felt His breathe oh so warm.

Couldn’t see it perhaps too busy pouting feeling your calling & ministry is all but through.
1 slight gaze here another gaze over there
All the while they sing come down Jesus take us all out of this sphere.

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