Thursday, April 8, 2010

Profiles of the not so rich ‘N” famous

Profiles of the not so rich ‘N” famous

The spirituality among people today is simply amazing regardless of their beliefs, place in life, and/or what their calling is despite appropriate actions. Tattoos, body piercings, clothes, places of travel, & all the way down to where we as individual choose our living destinations reflects our profile. Could a whirlwind stir inside and awaken the true call of being one with the real Spirit? Only if you believe then your hearts and eyes will be opened. David pinned facts, figures, truths, hopes, knowledge, & understanding of His God. As written in the Psalms, He gave thanks, for God changed rivers into deserts (middle east) water springs into thirsty ground, fruitful land into salt marsh b/c of the wickedness of its inhabitants. On the other hand the Holy one changed the desert into pools of water (Israel) they sowed fields & planted vineyards as they obtained a fruitful yield. He blessed them, which is us nowadays & they became many so did their cattle (bank accounts) to decrease. They then dwindled (drinking & peeing away everything) & brought low thru oppressions, afflictions, & sorrow. Then the Holy one lifted up the needy out of misery & made families numerous & healthy again. Who among us is wise enough to observe these things and to understand the favors of the King??

So tell me this, with all these fascinations w/ the Spiritual side of things why are we as a people wondering aimlessly searching for this, finding that, & losing everything we heard that week, month, or year? These days people are more concerned w/ creating a profile instead of letting Jehovah bring us out of the trenches & make us whole again. These modern day accounts are set up to show off, express our somewhat spiritual awareness & more importantly ourselves. Some of us display acts of kindness, goals of maybe one day if everything perfectly works out to be made whole.

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