Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Warriors & Soldiers

Warriors are well equipped before going to the battlefield. Hours upon hours of
training, preparation, & fighting happen before the first drop of blood is shed.

Mighty warriors don’t ask questions, why isn’t even in their vocabulary.

Warriors fight for their ruler, they defend the kingdom @ all costs. They go to battle not for themselves or even their families @ times of war rather for the king.

For what great warrior hasn’t been cut, broken, or injured. The strength from with in enables them to face death with out fright. To look @ evil spirits & see within their eyes knowing the Spirit in them is greater, greater than tragedy, disease, sickness, & even death.

The moment the sword is drawn, the prayer warrior is ready to go to the depths of the abyss for that stranger on the corner, the friend of a friend of a friend, the pastors wife, the child diagnosis with cancer, & the people of the under the sun, His son.
COME RAIN, SLEET, HIGHWINDS, OR HAIL THEY DON’T SUURENDER. Quiting isn’t even a thought or an option. Instead they upgrade their weapons & stand behind the shield of faith. No matter if he/she stands or falls the God of war picks em back up & makes them whole again. They scream gotta have more, more of You, more for the king on His throne. More for the new territory that’s outlined in the battle plans.

Many souls cry out as iron strikes iron the Angels & Demons clash with violent force, flames, colors, & smells that no human can fully understand fall to the ground because of the mighty warriors obedience & willingness to advance toward the enemies camp nor matter the number against them.

Loud horns fill the atmosphere all of the 2nd Heaven & 3rd Heaven rejoices for the defeat was orchestrated in perfect harmony between our world & His realm. Now we have finally reached the days of the solider armed with modern weapons. Modern weapons mean modern warfare is the only answer, modern Spiritual warfare that is. So the solider cries out gotta have more, more, more of you from the inside out.

Momma I can’t use these old guns anymore for even though the battle is not of flesh & blood, the Angels & the Devils continue to fight for my soul, my mind, & my finances. So I throw down this loose change & throw my hands in th air knowing that the battle has just begun.

The drums beat badom, badoom, boom the heart beat of the warrior is released to the solider. There is nothing walking on this planet that can stop him, nothing will stand in his way, the drums of war sounding off again beating, banging, crashing because vengeance is His, saith the Lord. As the waters turn bloody the waves of tribulation unexplainably crash against the shores at my feet. His hand waves gently revealing to me great & mighty things yet to come. Showing me the power that rests inside my warrior Spirit man.

For His kingdom will continue to come your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. For I will establish His kingdom no matter the size of the fight no matter the costs. Therefore strengthen your feeble arms & weak knees make level paths for your feet so that the lame may not be disabled but rather healed.

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