Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Connecting with Kinetic Energy

One of the most challenging issues with us as humans is trying to connect with the Superior Being & higher power. Not knowing where to go, how to engage & or what to say or even do. For the word of God says for my people parish for a lack of knowledge.

Even when we find a refuge of peace or a place that feels drenched with the Spirit, our bondage of sin entangles us. Our mind plays the same ol tricks on us, saying remember last time we where at a place like this? Nothing happened or only a momentary band-aid was placed over our soul. Shortly afterwards we fell guilty of how long it’s been since we last said a prayer, opened the Holy Knowledge, or gave God our time.

After wrestling with the above agony over and over and over again we start trying to forgive & forget ourselves as well as others. We open our mouths to only speak half a prayer mixed in with a running thought process of everything under the sun except Heaven.

So finally after much twisting & turning in our hearts as well as our spirits we realize we can’t pray.

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