Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lets Walk

Halleluiah we are now where He abides, His temple is not made of hands. Hand the

baton over to me so I can run & not be weary, so that I may fly high without foreign

substances. His amazing grace sets the captives free for such a time as this, a time

to move forward with acceleration. Don’t look back, can’t look back, never gonna turn back as long as J.C. has my back. Re-energize my backbone, strengthen my neck &

spine while removing any arthritis or settlement of impurities. It’s only by His

sacrifice that we can overcome a recession or the next great depression. Hear the

trumpet of redemption blowing over & over, over faces tonight. Feel the weeping

sound of the guitar playing cuz He’s looking for the next guitar hero. Can you sense

the miraculous break through in the Spirit realm? Focus, close an eye, and open an

ear for His Spirit floats among the sound waves. H.S oh H.S. shine on shine, shine

soul shine for the dancers & hip hoppers. Send the Arc Angels to declare this month

December the month of he king. Ring the bells to attract the prancers. Flicker the

purple fading into blue, red & green lights of the stag for the tweekers to see the

first sign of the true light. Smell the thin cold air; it’s a sound of victory on

the spirit Realm. Bring forth those who can sense a great movement, who can see Him

suffering & hanging on the cross. Send forth the new recruits for the installation

process will begin soon. Therefore we prepare, preparing a banquet to feast upon.

Those who are called by His name arise & take your place. It’s a death to all &

birth to all should I live or should I die, die to myself, my evil ways ??

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