Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Her Hair Flows like Dark Satins

Her Hair Flows like Dark Satins

I love the way the light hits your face
The gentle breeze brushing thru your hair
How the sweet, sweet melody takes me their
It’s a bedtime story
Standing next to you in His Glory

The body motion of an Angel
Will soon set a flight
The look as she passes by
Only God knows it propels my soul like a kite
Another nigh with out her in my arms
Makes my inner spirit man sigh

So take me by the hand & dance
Dance with me all day & thru the night
So then let the wind of His Spirit b low upon His word
So that that wind will fan without a fight
The flames of God’s fire burn in our hearts forever.

Even when the music fades away
Dwelling together in the Lords presence
Neither one of us will stray
Just as ash to ash dust is to dust
His Glory orchestrates our love

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