Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stud in the Mud

As Jesus said haven’t I hand picked you?
For they are watching, waiting, listening & willing
The elders are waiting and watching how are you going to handle the peer pressure.

Just as John gave up his voice not to be a who becoming an it
More of you and less of me
More of you and less of me cries the angels as the Demons flee
Fame is not fulfilling so sacrifice yourself & become willing
Make us blacksmiths Lord
So that we can help put weapons in the hands of your servants

Who’s that stud lying face down in the mud?
Who’s that stud whose face is down in the mud?
For it’s only by Your Spirit that you pick us up
Send us on our way
Pick us up and send us on our way

No longer will I prolong & wait
Day & Night I will meditate
The Word of God will medicate you
As you meditate on the Word of God then you will see

Favor & Honor & Blessing
We cry out for Favor, Honor, & Blessings
The Angels cry out for favor, honor, and blessings upon your people
Day & night I will meditate
As the word of God medicates

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