Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This is how we pray

And So We Pray

I want to float among the waves of your Spirit
I want to dance upon the clouds of your Glory
I want to swim in the river of your honey
I want to know that you are holding my heart

We pray that you unleash the warrior Spirit
So we pray Word of God speak
And as we assemble together we pray that our children will choose this day whom they will serve

I want to feel your heart beat next to mine
I want to see your Kingdom prevail in Israel
And I want to hear the trumpets sound from a far
I want to follow you just as the wise men followed the North Star

So we pray have mercy on us as you did your servant David
We pray send the Elijah anointing on us tonight
And we pray give us the wisdom & understanding of King Solomon
This is what we pray today

I want to change the world according to your plans
I want to play with the Angels in whom you made with your mighty hands
And I want to give you all the honor & praise
So we pray have your way Lord, have your way
And we pray that your presence dwelling upon the temple is here to stay
We pray that your wall of fire surrounds us today
This is what we pray, this is how we pray

1 comment:

  1. It's the Vision can't you see??

    It's the Eagle's vision floating amongst the waves of the sea.

    The invisible waves don't you even care to see?

    Press inward and you too will be able to float & see.