Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dream Weaver

His dream language moves in all
Dreams of destiny are inspiring
They charge our faith to soar to new levels
For He is the ancient of days showing our mind how not to fall

O Ancient of Days
My Lord give your people greater understanding
Hear the sound of a greater preparation
Know the sound for a greater awakening

More & more & more of you O’ Ancient of Days

Awaken; awaken us to the greater understanding
Awaken for a greater time is coming awaken is what our hearts cry
Have your way master weaver have your way

O most powerful one we as Americans repent for lacking discernment & discretion in the area of worldly entertainment

All Revelation that Yahweh releases is pure because He is pure
We as your people cry out we the people need a pure Life Revolution

There is nothing more productive than the raising up of dreamer
For those who empower & unleash the army of dreamer
Have the mandate of Kingdom economics
In the book of Joel, God promises that He will visit His people with dreams &visions
For those hungry souls willing to go forth & do what it takes to prepare your mind, spirit, & soul get ready
He is unveiling a subculture for Revelation to become a dream weaver & a visionary seers society.

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