Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meditation a State of Mind or a Mind at Stake…

Meditation a State of Mind or a Mind at Stake…

I meditate to this, meditate to that what truly is the point of time spent if it’s

not with the only one. The only way to the Father is through Jesus saith chief &

commander. How brilliant the Lord is yesterday, today, & forever to envision all

other religions & false doctrines becoming copy Kats. These want-a-bees

steal, borrow, copy, & paste God’s Holy Manuscript only fronting the truth. My Bible

says the truth will set you free. So there forth even from the beginning of creation

He had a plan & destiny for all mankind, trusting me only make sense. Meditation was

not for us to clear our minds, focus, & become empowered by our inner peace without

Christ. For what gods have laid down their own life & their sons life so that we may

be set free of depression, addictions, diseases & chains of bondage becoming one

with Him. Core values, principles of law, & humanitarian efforts are all selling

barley the basics, it’s kindergarten 101 folks. Jesus statues for the most part

aren’t made of gold, bronze, or silver rather through divine creation & inner

beauty. Meditation with out prayer, focusing without the cross, & praise

without a love song is like driving a car without tires. Other religions &

philosophies can take portions of God breathed scriptures then manipulate them any

which way but right. Who can’t take ideas of how a man or woman should act & live

then expand upon it? Without faith, healings, blessings & favor from

above have a hard time flowing from the jar of oil. Without Jesus the scriptures &

God the Father, could not be identified & interpreted as just another superior

being. Can an individual gain Revelation without studying the Holy Bible, what then

regarding righteousness? Does the Buddhist, Hindu, or mind clearer have the Holy

Spirit to guide, direct, & empower the mind, body, & soul? Is it really possible

that mind control/meditation with out seeking heavenly advice can eventually become

a gateway in other dimensions, as well as, false spiritual encounters? These are in

my opinion steps leading to a life style that doesn’t need God, a god, or religious

structure. Especially since inner peace, joy, & pursuit of becoming a good citizen

is the only focus with meditation. Meditate on this, if the Bible wasn’t the true

will of God for each of our lives, then why does everyone copy the parts they agree


Worry not about the numerous translations of the B-I-B-L-E the ideas, core values, &

purpose of life is clear crystal clear. If the Koran was passed culture to culture,

country-to-country, generation after generation in days that lacked solid accountability, computers, & multiple language translations, we can only imagine the

complications. The so-called inaccuracy from the timeline of scroll writing is the

least of my concerns. The challenge remains put your religion, meditation, &

criticism to the test by shouting out Jesus. Start living for others through servant

hood, & following a Holy lifestyle. Then the proof of who’s who & what’s what will

be revealed with or without meditation.

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