Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is It Raining or Pouring

Is It Raining or Pouring

I pour, and then I pour out again & again, some here drops there, while sometimes

coming full circle again. Do this does that in order that you are not poor. Trust

the Lord & build your house upon the rock in order for your family to escape the

winds & storms that rain then pour down upon us all. In this world society teaches

us that the rich rule over the poor, so then who rules over the rich if the word of

God plainly states it’s hard for the wealthy to enter into the gates of Heaven. Does

it only downpour upon the poor & the rich have their own insulated umbrellas. I

declare today & forever that God rains down whatever He wants for my family &

myself. Rain gold; pour anointing oil that drips down honey, the blood of the lamb

for the poor, drenching us with your HS night in & day out. Let the hurricanes come,

bring forth the earthquakes, storms fall at the left & right side of me since my

faith is strong & I wait upon the Lord almighty. He shields my vessel from

backstabbing, false speech, anger, ungodly spirits, bearing false witness &

instructs me from never borrowing only lending. He leads me not into temptation but

delivers me from evil. Acid rain & chemicals bounce off my shield of faith. My food

& water is blessed & no impurities can enter into the Lords temple, my body. My soul

is guarded from the fiery darts of the enemy b/c I put on the breastplate of

righteousness. Foul language, hatred, & revenge can’t penetrate my mind since I have

a helmet that was granted from above with the mind of Christ’s. Disease & sickness

fall @ my waste side b/c I am a child of the Living God. Blessings are poured onto

my hands since my hands are consistently in the air praising Jehovah. My brain can

recall countless hours of studying scriptures b/c I will continue to engulf myself

in the Holy Manuscripts. My dreams & visions are crystal clear since I drink the

consistent down pouring of His pure water. The Lord rains down upon me the Lord


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