Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lord what up what up what up

Lord what’s up with stale preaching? I’m saying now & forever I don’t ever want to be a boring & “dead” message deliver. If I’m not 110% living for all parts of your complexity; seeing healings, prophesy, anointed worship, & surrendering by the churches then I feel my words will fall to the ground without any meaning of desire for how mighty & powerful my God really is. I’m not the right one for just killing time in a service or just showing up in support of a pastor, friend, or even a commitment to a particular building. I want what I have seen before which is powerful women & men in the church experiencing God for themselves.

How awkward to be around the sitters, spectators, average preaching, & halfhearted Christians. On the other hand it does not make me feel so guilty when I only get 1 or 2 services and even none instead of 3 under my belt per week. I can remember my childhood days where it was a standard to attend this number of services every week. Come to think about it Lord watching your people not pray & praise full heartedly appears so much easier. These types of people seem to be making life’s journey just fine without the double work and exhaustion.

1 part time Christian – 1 part time friend of Jehovah + 1 full time employee – 1 half time father or mother = ½ right or ½ wrong. Depending on who’s asking & judging oh beautiful one. Wait a minute I know one week or 2 maybe got shuffled around, a little mixed match & they or I really felt your presence. I or them got it, really got it, the touch that night and/or day carrying it over to the next week and what a feeling… Talk about wild and satisfying ride. I don’t want a part time anything position or job.

I’m all in for my King who desires way more than that simple sacrifice. Who’s supposed to take the Jesus bandwagon & burn rubber thru & through every town leaving just a Holy Ghost smoke trail? I heard a stupid country song Lord state," I was willing but she wasn’t ready." Man oh man this could be turned around you have been ready God but hardly NO-ONE was willing/ready. Am I even ready & fully willing to continue crucify my fleshly desires day after day, week after week, month after month.

Misery strikes after one easy slip up, one past desire, one moment of not caring about your plan but only focusing on me again. Here it comes the fast times moment passing by, Ummmmm that familiar feeling again. Lord how I feel your pain the next day & even the day after. Oh Lord how I feel empty inside so, please doesn’t forget about me. Examine my heart God & remove everything that’s not of you. Show mercy on me God when I sin. I hate sin & don’t want to get further away yet instead move closer & closer to you again again day after day. What’s up God? One night & now I’m not worthy of your Holy Spirit, worthy of your voice in my head, mouth, my house, my car, or my work? Forgive me, I fear you God, I love your word, I love your prince, I love your angels, I love your H.S.’s light speed, I love your mercy & faithfulness.

I now know what to do in order to help prevent dead messages/teachings, worship services, and even how to breed fire from Heaven & breathe the fire to the depths of the soul. When leaders aren’t fired up and/or lack charisma, they in return are only dreaming their sheep will follow suite.

Again I cry where are all the circuit riders, the powerful intercessors, and the watchmen/women in the middle of the night?? Where oh where are the fire pokers Yahweh? Do the stand buyers out number the people who expect God to show up mighty night after night demonstrating His power, glory, & miracles. If the timid had a smell Lord I think it would be stinky. I want your sweet aromas found only in the anointing fragrance oils. Is this mentality wrong God? Are you really too busy to show up on a Monday night prayer & worship service? I don’t want my cup to be 1/2 empty but rather filled up with your Spirit. Fill me up and fill me up some more.

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