Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Ever, When Ever, Where Ever

What Ever, When Ever, Where Ever

What, what, what about this, what about that, what about me, what about too much sin around makes me unable to see
See what I mean, a sea of mess all around me.

Build a boat or ship & I’ll sail across this violent ocean or Mediterranean Sea just so I can find her.
Before I speak conventional wisdom tells me to seek before I knock, seek & I will find, seek 1st the Kingdom so I won’t be left behind.

So get behind me Satan for it’s a new day, an exciting way to sing & dance a new beat.
A new sound as Heaven opens it’s window fresh provisions will be found.
The elders pace around asking where is the new generation,
Where do the young kids go?

What, what …as the astonished look makes the mouths drop?
Hurry come quick the young have been seen
If you don’t come & look no one will ever understand what I mean.
The children are smiling, dancing, painting & soaking in Yahweh’s presence.
It’s the spirits flow we’ve been praying for this yet didn’t expect this

“Nothing quite like this”, was the report from the intelligence.
It’s a report like no other has ever seen, heard, or felt before
Time after time fault after fault sin after sin
The sin has been removed; this bizarre report from the media can’t be ignored.

Who started this, what ever you call it, this commitment, this new way of communion?
What gave them the idea to change 100-year-old structure & rules?
These 17 year old tattooed & pierced bodies are in rebellion, not to mention have not even been to the proper seminar schools.
How can they claim this is another fashion of intimacy with the Holy union?
Call in the old council
Send word for the committee,
They need to formally greet then meet.

Voices are stirring up in the atmosphere; the gossipers gave the Godly council an ear full.
Visitation of Angels & healings are spreading like wild fire
The dried up Pastor is sweating; he’s really feeling the heat.
The word of God never goes void the breath of God will clean out the skeletons in the closet by bringing Revelation to move your feet.
So riddle me this riddle me that, why is that young punk wearing inside God’s Holy building a hat?
Why is the 20 something old thugs preaching, teaching the good news in the middle of that dead end street?
Wow oh me, all these young people shinning for Jehovah puts some stagnate leaders back on the hot seat.
The bold courageous stand in the line of fire
Simply knowing what it takes to be like 10 foot tall & bullet proof.

Really isn’t the name of the game, free of the past free of shame they confess
God’s perfect laws was nailed to the churches roof
In order to help us out of our own mess

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