Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Peru 2009

God working thru People of Peru

Some of us are cold
Some of us are ripe & old
While the rest are hungry
We are hungry for the Spirit of the Lord

One more day never felt this way
Tell my father, send word to my mother
The Lord is with this mighty warrior
Here we go over the jagged mountains so please pray

Dirty faces in the countryside
Looks exactly the same in other places
Messy ground that the scared once lived
Day after day another cold winter year
If you could only see the Periuan people faces shiver

Tomorrow is never guaranteed
Either is all the manual labor just to plant a seed
A rich man paces around his castle drinking without rest
While the simple & pure hearted pondered to God if they will ever be like the American who’s blessed

Watching you watch me passing
Thoughts of will the Lord’s work ever be truly everlasting
Unfamiliar terrain & providences fades into another Andes village

Can’t figure the people’s purpose in life
Can’t understand how most of the work is done the wife
Lord do a great work & have your will
I pray for Revelation for the Quecha people for no longer will they be scared of the cemetery on the hill

Busy hands always working
Busy legs always moving
Where O where Lord is the advancement
How can their society evolve without a hint?
A hint of who died for their sin
That the Lord almighty took the form of men

Gazing deep into the Milky Way
No rocket science or atheists can deny
One moment on any unknown day the Lords horsemen will fly
Spirit of God sweeps thru this valley & around another tall hill
Smiles of God’s children bring a tear to my eye
No one alive can deny

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