Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Hour is Getting Late

The Hour is Getting Late

I want to be a living stone being fit together by your spirit. Lord you show me so much I feel like taking this sword off my back equipping myself to battle for the kingdom. Even though I’m not yet manicured in perfect harmony with your plan I ‘ill wait and listen. Plan for me to be out there in the mix, for the fight is great. Plan me as the missing piece of the puzzle leading to your heart.

I plan an entire day for the Lord & still feel I don’t have enough teaching & revelation to advance forward onto the battlefield. To become the horse and rider that drinks on one knee calmly from the River of Life is your hearts desire. There forth my heart turns away from the call of the wild. Wild cards in some critic’s eyes but you see me as a red wild stallion sporting the white diamond of purity stamped between thy eyes.

This is for all who are weak all who aren’t taller than 42” inches, those who can’t even ride the roller coaster, just jump on my back & ride. Ride into the next dimension with the sword of the Spirit in hand. Ride into battle armed with passion & zeal for the Almighty, the God of War. The God of peace gives me peace of mind with a piece of His heart on the side for free. Free the captives with one wave of your mighty hand & crush thy enemies with a surrounding army of truth. Arm the children with new weapons of warfare & put an ear to the ground listening for God’s new sound. It’s a sound ol' so familiar with the Spiritual divas, spinners, twirlers & jam-a-ramas but still its fresh manna. It’s freedom proclaimed by the watchmen, it’s freedom that echoes off the forest tress before the battle even begins.

The tongue of power is loose & ready for a Spiritual tongue lashing as the demons flee while the Lord’s Spirit sings & prays through me. Yahweh’s new sound of glory will bring grown men to their knees, it will cause the blind to see, the notes of war in the Spirit bring forth peace in the natural. The soul & beat of the saints are marching with Judah while listening for the roar that makes the hairs stand upon the neck.

Next to me Angels cry Holy, next to them the adolescents dance upon injustice without the knowledge of the elders. The elders pray with the Spirit helping usher an unity, a generational connection that this earth have never experienced.

The scream of passion fill the atmosphere as the able line up 2*2 ready armed willing to lay down their cell phones & pick up the sword of the Spirit. The music calls out the young, for today is training day, train up a child in the way they should go & they won’t stray from it. Teach them to walk in the light to defeat the sins & addictions of the baby boomers & generation X. Ways & waves of chains, bondage, pains, & dirty snare of false ridicule. Now we are standing we are shaking & moving, moving & grooving under the lights.

For it’s time that deception is exposed & put to death, once and for all. The time line for how one should blossom as a Christian & enter into the ministry just expired. Take up our cross & walk, walk His way, walking under the lights. Walking in order to dispose of the darkness, the shadows in the alley & the kudzu viens of impurity. For Gods word goes out reaching the masses & flood’s the minds of all mankind. His words never come back void if you only voluntary travel to the 7 wonders of the earth.

Even the religious ones are shocked & surprised by the young zealous children.
What a movement!! Who’s really surprised this 5 foot & under army interceding & praying in other tongues? What magnificent army doesn’t rely on its toughest troops?
What brilliant generation wouldn’t utilize the giftings @ hand?

For only you Lord know all, see all, feel all, hear all, love all & defeat all our enemies. Lets team up with the angels of the light & the cloud of fire that consumes the night. For where do I go that I don’t know how to act, how to teach how to preach. The breathe of your spirit leads to the calm waters, down the path of righteousness. Stopping to look around armed & ready to fight, I kneel down to drink, drinking the waters of His light. Waters of Revelation flow from the pen; manna continues to drop out of the sky for me.

My faith causes my mountains to jump into the sea. Fiery darts fall at my side because His word says so, 1000 will fall @ my left hand & 10,000 @ my right side. Old school worship leaders lay down traditional styles beside me for all lay down something for the Kingdom. Laying beside self-ambitions to become an on ramp for others to follow on the superhighway of God’s newest generation. I pray we all become an it not a who, for who really cares what your credintials say. Even though @ times the Spirit is willing but the mind is weak.

There will come a day that the truth can’t be denied. It’s the great awaking, not the great bang theory, nor the great bank account statements. This ain't your fire bream stone message of the mission beating you over the head with a Bible sermon. It will be a true Revelatory action of wisdom, understanding that’s greater beyond the years of comprehension. It’s coming forth coming our way, coming to a town near you.

Let the music flow until His Holy warriors bring repentance & redemption. Let the sound barrier waves call forth the messengers flames of fire. Many are called but few are chosen. The seal on my forehead represents one of the chosen ones so press into His heart, His mind, His soul, & His unexplainable creation, so you will be stamped. Praying and assure you get the mark of Heaven not the mark of man. Mark my words destruction will again come upon the land due to all of our wickedness, so prepare.

No more hiding the women & the children but now is a time for them to take a stand. This is a season of the Lioness & great are the company of women who preach & teach the gospel. God’s plan is for the women & children to continue walking in wisdom & power of the Lord. Pray with me for a time is beckoning upon spectacular signs & wonders carried forth by the watchmen & circuit riders. All honor, all glory & power is yours.

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